How’s The State Of The City?

According to the mayor’s state of the city address, just fine. Read this and see if you agree

Arturo de la Rosa, the mayor of Los Cabos, just celebrated two years in office. He commemorated the occasion with a “state of the city” speech touting what he’s achieved during his time in office. Here’s the breakdown:

The local police department was given an overhaul, starting with a bigger public security budget. At more than $15 million USD, which is double the last administration’s budget, it’s the department’s biggest budget yet. De la Rosa also reported that all police officers were evaluated in an effort to weed out the bad cops and ensure only trustworthy candidates were hired. The Navy has also stepped up to the plate, evaluating, hiring and training 400 officers in Mexico City who will be shipped over to Los Cabos.

01.JPGNew police cars, uniforms, tactical equipment and breathalyzers for drunk drivers were also purchased for the department, and the officers’ salaries were raised (to try and avoid the lure of bribes). The temporarily assigned gendarme officers will stay in Los Cabos for the rest of Arturo de la Rosa’s term. Navy headquarters are being augmented for 250 agents who will stay permanently.

Road rehabilitation was also one of De la Rosa’s priorities. The city purchased 29 pieces of heavy equipment at a total cost of more than $7 million, along with four very expensive, top notch street sweepers. The sweepers were bought with the administration’s money and paid in full at a price of almost $2 million for all four. 29 garbage trucks and 22 public vehicles were also bought, making it the biggest purchase ever to be made in Los Cabos as far as public sanitation goes. Part of this purchase included uniforms, tools, and other supplies necessary for everyday maintenance.

De la Rosa also said that while he’s been in office, political privileges have come to an end. More than 2,600 clandestine water taps, which pumped water 24 hours a day without anyone paying a centavo for it, were shut down. And two water wells will soon be restored, bringing 100 liters of water per second to everyone. A new desalination plant is also in the works in an effort to put a stop to water shortages within the next year. Yes, we’re buying the new desal plant from the same Spanish company that can’t get the first one to run reliably.

Community development is another one of De la Rosa’s focuses, and more than $1 million is being allocated for the construction of a center for the inclusion and development of handicapped people, which will help 1,200 people a year. It will be the first of its kind to be built in the state.

De la Rosa is also investing in a brand new, latest generation ambulance for each of the delegations in Los Cabos. And speaking of medical equipment, a mobile unit has been purchased to give medical appointments, mammograms, bone density diagnosis, pap smears and dental consultation (although, as we reported in our latest Que Pasa column, the Solmar Foundation is also taking credit for that, so who knows?).

Your taxes have been put to work in the form o purchases for small business owners, including solar water heaters, refrigerators, ecologic stoves, pangas and boats and livestock tags.

Electricity has been expanded to areas where there wasn’t any electricity before, and more than 5,000 public street lights have been installed at a cost of $2.6 million. And some much needed traffic lights have been purchased for almost $4.3 million. The “smart” traffic lights come with state of the art technology, surveillance cameras and vehicle counting abilities, all to help increase city security. Yup, that will help: Footage of how the caper went down.

Approximately 376,736 square feet of roads and streets have been paved while De la Rosa has been in office, in neighborhoods like Caribe, Miramar, Old San Jose and Guaymitas. After Lidia, 1,700 kits of building materials, costing more than $697,000, were purchased to help people who lost their houses in the storm. Well, that’s only fair, since most of those homes were built illegally while the city pretended not to notice that one man was making a killing off selling those sites.

Public spaces like parks, public plazas and community centers are being rehabilitated at the cost of $3.8 million.

Students have benefited from de la Rosa’s administration, with more than $1 million in scholarships given out, an increase of 26 percent. More than 18,000 students have received uniforms, supplies, computers, tablets, laptops, printers and school excursions from these scholarships.

The cultural budget was increased by 100%, resulting in the renovation of the cultural center in San Jose. A new city theater is also being built, with an estimated total cost of almost $1.7 million.

De la Rosa also pointed out that the number of blue flag beaches in Los Cabos has increased from three to seven, putting us second only to Cancun as the city with the most blue flags, a marker of clean, safe beaches. Sea turtle conservation efforts have won Cabo the Latin American Green Award, and Zofemat, Mexico’s federal maritime agency, has been given almost $725,000 to keep up the good work.

Government workers also benefited from this administration, with 100 percent of them working with a social security number, which is reportedly the first time this has ever happened. And the huge debt (more than $24 million) left by the last mayor has been paid off by De la Rosa’s administration.

4,700 new hotel rooms are under construction in Los Cabos, which de la Rosas says is a sign that the government has inspired trust from the tourism sector. (Although the Hotel Ass, is screaming bloody murder and making threats for a better security force for the community). And finally, the unemployment rate is at 1.8 percent, which means that for every 100 residents in Los Cabos, 98 of them have a formal job. This is the second lowest unemployment rate in the country.

Yes, Mayor de la Rosa is very pleased. He has announced he is running for the same office again at the end of his current term.