Here Is A Unique Way To Get To Cabo!

And cheap!

A new airport terminal opened last week in California to great fanfare. Notice we said new airport terminal, we didn’t say new airport.

You check in to this new terminal which sits right at the Californa/Mexico border and then drag your suitcase down a 340 foot hallway and presto! You are in the Tijuana airport! You have just walked through a new foot bridge that straddles the border, going over the top of the razor wire fence seperating the two countries.

This terminal is physically located in the United States, 22 miles east of downtown San Diego, while serving the Tijuana airport. The terminal has parking, restaurants, and there are kiosks to print your boarding pass. After picking up your pass you walk through the tunnel/bridge and proceed directly to your gate. You pay $18 to walk cross the bridge, which seems a little steep, but the terminal facility, parkign garage, and the bridge cost an investment group headed up by Chicago billionaire Sam Zell $120 million to build.  It was the creation of Ralph Nieders, who introduced the concept and infrastructure design in Mexico City and San Diego back in 1990.

But look what you get for that $18, which remember is $36 going both ways which you will probably be doing.

To fly out of TJ airport you will need to cross the border and try to find the damn thing in all that traffic. You really need to buy car insurance as one miss step and you’re screwed. Then you take your chances leaving your car in Mexico.

You could park in the U.S. at various lots which will drive you to the border. Then you have to drag all your stuff through the border on lousy broken pavement that screw up your wheels, and hail down a taxi to drive you to the airport. Coming back is worse, as you need to stand in line with the unwashed masses of humanity that go through the busiest border in the world. You will be standing on your feet for between one and two hours, sometimes more. And you will be doing the dragging over broken pavement in reverse. About 2.6 million passengers went through this shuffle just last year.

Or you could walk through a brand new, clean, bridge and terminal with other airline passengers and whizing through border control. Yeah, that’s worth the 18 Gringo bucks. 20% discount to seniors, and porter services are available.

With this aternative to San Diego’s maxed out Lindbergh field, residents  from the tip of California now have instant acess to 30 airports that TJ serves. That is bound to increase as people get used to this and more destinations are warrented. the irony will be when people from California go to Mexico to catch a flight to, say, Oregon.

Parking will set you back $16 a day, but there is off site parking available for $10 a day. Long term parking lots are fenced, well lit and patrolled 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Trusted traveler programs are in place, including SENTRI and Global entry, are available. There is duty free shopping.

The company is called Cross Border Express, but they promote themselves as CBX. They have a website at