Here’s What A Buck A Day Can Do

This little shaver wouldn’t have had a chance at life without the generosity of the local community pitching in to support the Los Cabos Children’s Foundation’s Spirit of Love program that facilitated his open heart surgeryLCCF has been addressing congenital heart defects in the state since 2004. During the first eight years of this program,, patients were sent to their partner in Omaha, Nebraska, the Children’s Hospital and Medical Center (CHMC).

But LCCF decided to establish a pediatric cardiology program at the Salvatierra Hospital in La Paz, partly to save money so they can service more families, partly to keep families together, partly to avoid visa problems, and partly to train and equip the local population.

 In June 2013, the first open heart surgery was performed in Baja California Sur and since then, five rounds of surgeries have been possible thanks to the leadership of Dr. Jim Hammel of CHMC, in which the lives of 54 children from all across the state have been saved.

This program offers evaluations, echocardiograms, and catheterizations throughout the year, in addition to the open heart surgery rounds. Training for the doctors, nurses and hospital support staff is provided as well, so eventually the program can be accredited by the Mexican Seguro Popular and become self-sustaining.

They also support the only pediatric intensive care unit found in our state at the Salvatierra Hospital. Their goal is to continue working for all the children of Southern Baja to receive world-class medical care in their home state, so they can have a better quality of life.