Half Off Cabo

That got your attention but honestly, it’s true

You want 50% off activities and restaurants in Cabo? Let’s see, that would just about bring prices down to where prices are in other parts of Mexico. To get these prices of yesteryear, invest in a Passport card. This company has been around for eight years in Cabo, longer in Canada, so they look pretty stable. “They” is Gregor Jankovic, originally from Eastern Europe but lived in Canada for so long he doesn’t even have an accent. Except for his Canuck accent.

Gregor arrived here initially because he had moved into the dive business. He looked around and saw the territory was wide open for discount cards so he started calling on businesses, convincing them to give their product away at half price. One would think that would be a tough sell, but Gregor got a lot of businesses to go for it.  He’s got about 50 restaurants in Cabo and San Jose, as well as activities like ATV and dune buggy rides, sailing trips, and sunset cruises.

He’s got no less than seven various Wild Canyon adventures, and a chance to go on what is arguably the best dinner cruise in Cabo, the Cabo Rey. There are about 140 different activities, Some of these are two for one, some are 50% off. There are about 20 sport fishing opportunities at 50%. There are five companies offering driving services, (airport runs) at 30% off. They’re the only group that won’t give 50%, they must be taxistas moonlighting. Be sure to establish their price up front. And then compare that with Uber, which usually charges about 20 dollars to haul you and luggage to the airport.

But, the activities and restaurants can’t be beaten and you can use the card an endless number of times at each place. Each card can get six people into the venue.

Have no friends, Bunky? No problem, instead of getting two for one, you can opt to get half off your lonely meal or adventure.

Gregor tells us about 90% of his card holders are tourists who buy the card even before they get here, so maybe that’s why the businesses don’t mind repeats. The local expat community are the people who would use it repeatedly and with them being a minority of the card users, that’s not such an issue. Anyhow, that’s more savings for us who live here!

To get your card you have several options; pick it up at the Caboholics office in downtown Cabo, or pick it up at the mailboxes place behind the old Amerimed which is now Hospiten, or pick it up at the Squid Roe t-shirt shop, or go online to order it at www.HalfOffCaboCard.com. You can also follow a link there to the list of participants so you can evaluate your likely use of the card. It’s good for a year, which is all explained on their website.