The Guy At The Top Of The World


Did you see that guy sitting on top of the mountain overlooking Divorce beach on the front page of this rag? If not, pay attention! Go back, look at it and then come back for the story.

His name is Iker Algorri, a very unusual name and last name for a Mexican which originates from the separatist Basque province in Spain.

The pic was taken sometime in 1988 or 89, so he was in his early 20’s at the time. The resort behind him is the now demolished Solmar resort, which came back to life as Grand Solmar, bigger and luxury-er.

Born in Mexico City, Iker arrived in Southern Baja (that’s our state, Bunky) 36-years-ago. He remembers that waaay back he visited Todos Santos and thought, “I’d love to live down here in a little casita.” But his job as a Mexican federal agent kept him busy in other parts of Mexico and in between, he traveled the world. He is an attorney with additional studies to become an English teacher, foreign commerce, customs, and chef.

He has traveled extensively as shown in his hundreds of selfies published on Facebook. He has been to the U.S., Canada, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, parts of Europe, the Virgin Islands, and one of his favorite places, Petra, in Jordan.

Iker has worked for the Mexican government at the federal gun registry, then as a customs warden, tax police, tax collector and interpreter for the justice department. At some point in his life, he followed his true vocation, which was eating, and decided to take some lessons to become a Chef. He worked for Café Brown in Fort Ware, B.C., Canada.

Later he made his dream come true. He moved to Todos Santos where he opened his own Café Brown in 2000 and served several celebrities, including his favorites, some Victoria´s Secret Angels. He is currently in charge of the kitchen at the Los Colibris Casitas in Todos Santos, where he also sporadically holds cooking classes.

His hobbies are music (he owns about 3,000 LP’s, 2,000 cassettes and about 2,500 CD’s), reading drawing, traveling, photography and … eating. He has two daughters and one son, named Asshanti Nic tehà , Andoni Younoem y Tahnee Danaè, and to this date remains single.