Green Scholarship Program With Support From Bisbee's Fish & Wildlife Conservation


The Green Scholarship Program (GSP) is a community not-for-profit organization founded in 2006 by Patricia Pratt and her late husband, Arthur Pratt. Their mission was to create a program to help low-income young adults in Cabo San Lucas.

GSP serves as an advocate for young people with the greatest need. The program assists youth ages 17 to 23 in granting four-year scholarships for higher education.

GSP has year-round enrollment that provides education to 50 to 60 scholars. The program currently has 56 active students and 182 scholars have graduated from the top private and public universities since Green Scholarship's inception.

The organization believes providing opportunities through education empowers disadvantaged people, improves economic circumstances and quality of life so they may realize their dreams. The program educates and encourages students to build a better tomorrow for themselves, their families, the community and Mexico.

Their mandate is to serve those who are in need of financial assistance due to their social or economic circumstances. They chose education because they feel strongly that it is the best means to empower people, help them become more independent and to participate more fully in the benefits of our society.

The program assists youths by granting college tuition scholarship that covers 100 percent of their costs. This program offers much more than a college scholarship. Youths who are granted a scholarship become part of the GSP family and in addition to their tuition, they receive assistance to purchase books, materials, attend monthly Life Skills Seminars along with English classes. Most importantly they are provided individualized support and mentoring.

The strategy of GSP is to execute the Foundation’s core education programs effectively. Each accepted applicant may choose from the following careers of study: Business Administration, Law, Nutrition, Finances, Culinary Arts, Tourism, Hospitality, Languages, Systems Engineering, and Marine Biology.

In addition to these career choices, GPS constantly re-evaluates and improves its programming. The goal is to identify niche areas that may have been overlooked or underfunded by other educational foundations and seek ways to amplify the impact of the programs through cooperation with other organizations.

GSP is the only program that offers a career in Marine Biology thanks to the Bisbee's Fish & Wildlife Conservation Fund. Wayne Bisbee, Bob Bisbee's son, is the founder and president of the non-profit Environmental Conservation Organization Foundation formed in 2011. They conserve, restore, and manage fish, wildlife and their associated habitats through science, education, and technology.

The three primary areas of focus are stewardship through education and billfish conversation globally along with the Save the Rhino Conservation Project in South Africa. Bisbee's Fish & Wildlife Conservation Fund hosted The Cabo Max's Benefit concert on Saturday, October 26 at the Cabo San Lucas Cruise Port on the Marina. It included a raffle and silent auction to benefit the Green Scholarship Program.

Founder of GSP, Patricia Pratt, flew from the U.S. to attend the Bisbee Black & Blue Fishing Tournament to meet with the staff at GSP and be present at the GSP display area on the Marina which was located close to the Bisbee Black & Blue Tournament weigh station.

She along with the Executive Director of GSP, Fernanda Linage attended the event together, enjoyed the festivities and was very visible at the GSP display area.

This is an incredible organization and the local community is very supportive but donations are welcomed from anyone who desires to donate. To contact Green Scholarship Program, you may access their website or by phone on 624-105-0985.