Goodbye Frida and Diego

We have a new 500 peso bill

After 8 years of seeing Frida and Diego on the 500 peso note, Banxico, (the Mexican Treasury,) is retiring the not too photogenic couple and replacing them with, drum roll, a collage of Mexican cultural images on one side, and a tribute to the most wonderful state in the Republic on the other side! Baja California Sur!

That’s our state, Bunky.

The bill entered circulation last week, is a very pretty blue, and is the first in a new family of bills “That pay homage to our historical identity and natural heritage,” according to a video introducing the new look. “The ecosystem of coasts, seas, islands and the gray whale and the historic process ofLa Reforma(a 19th-century liberal reform) and the restoration of the republic” feature together on the new bill. OK, so the announcement didn’t say explicitly that it’s our state, but just look at the picture. That’s us. No doubt.

The change was made because the 500 peso note is the most widely circulated and most counterfeited denomination. The new bill features security measures including fluorescent ink, a squiggly thread, embossing you can feel, a watermark, and a multicolor doohickey.