Get More Than Gas At Orsan

You can work your way towards a new cooler next time you fill up

Many of the Pemex gas stations in Cabo and along the fourlane to San Jose are now Orsan stations. Just look for the red O along with the Pemex name. The employees now wear green T-shirts and caps sporting the red O as well. 

The Orsan gas stations offer a gas rewards card. Points are earned when you fill up with $200 pesos (about $11 USD) or more worth of gas. The reward card must be presented before filling up.

04.JPGThe amount of points you earn depends on the type of gasoline you purchase. Magna (green) gasoline earns 1.5 points per liter. Premium (red) gasoline earns 2.0 points per liter, and diesel earns 0.5 points per liter. Your points expire at the end of December every year, so use ‘em or lose ‘em.

There are a bunch of useful items you can get when you redeem your points. The item that costs the most points is a soft-sided cooler for 6,950 points. Other items include: an 18-piece toolkit for 4,670 points; a beach umbrella for 4,680 points; a foldable outdoor chair for 4,070 points, a 3-piece cookware set for 3,050 points; jumper cables for 2,420 points; and a large thermal mug for 1,170 points. For 950 points you can get a $50 peso (around 3 bucks) gas credit, and 800 points get you a movie ticket. Almost all of the items are red and sport the Orsan name. 

If you don’t have enough points, you can pay between $20 and $100 pesos (roughly $1 to $5.50 USD) to claim your reward. For example, with 4,770 points plus $100 pesos, you can get that soft-sided cooler.

Prizes can only be claimed at two Orsan stations, but the easiest place to claim your reward is in downtown Cabo at the station next to Telcel. The office is on the second floor of the building.

The other location is in La Laguna on the Bordo Road before the turn off to Todos Santos. 

Orsan gives out prizes in other ways besides reward points. When they first opened in the spring, they raffled off a car and other big items like TVs to introduce themselves. Raffle tickets were given out with gasoline purchases. We all missed out on that one. 

Orsan also was a major sponsor of a dorado, tuna, and wahoo fishing tournament on November 25th and 26th with a purse of $22,000 USD that was split among the top three winners, and it only cost $195 to enter. You can go up to the office occasionally to see what’s posted and keep your eyes open for future Orsan events.  

And the next time you need gasoline, be sure to ask the attendant to give you an Orsan rewards card before filling up. Dar me un tarjeta, por favor.

Does anyone remember getting Green Stamps at the gas station back in the 50s? Mind you, I heard about it from my mom, I’m not old enough to remember. However, I will allow that my job was to lick the back of the stamps and stick them in the booklets S&H Green Stamps provided. That’s how my family got our hi fi record player. No, not wifi, hi fi. High fidelity, which was anything but good fidelity.