Gala de Danza Returns

Annual show features local and professional dancers

For the sixth year in a row, the Gala de Danza dance show returns to Cabo. It brings the arts and artists together for a night of performances on March 17th at the Mar Adentro hotel in San Jose.

The Gala is the culmination of an entire year’s preparation, and will feature local Cabo students who auditioned to dance with world-renowned performers. This year, those performers include American opera star Denyce Graves and Tiler Peck, a principal dancer with the New York City Ballet. Also performing will be singer Angelina Jordan, winner of the 2014 season of “Norway’s Got Talent.”

danza.JPGThe Gala has featured many famous performers over the years, including Sammy Hagar, Derek Hough from “Dancing With The Stars,” David Lomelí (a Mexican opera singer who was Plácido Domingo’s protégé) and dancers from the Joffrey Ballet and the American Ballet Theatre.

In 2013, Gala founder Christina Lyon, an established ballet dancer herself, wanted to bring opportunities to local dancers who had never experienced anything like the Gala. She had been coming to Cabo for many years and saw there was nothing here to offer kids the chance to learn from and perform with professional dancers. These children had never even seen live performing arts. Then she met Lourdes Téllez, director of the Danza Téllez dance studio. 

Together, they collaborated to bring dancers to Los Cabos. Christina scouted local dancer Mariana Carrillo and featured her in the very first Gala (as well as every Gala since).  With Lourdes’ dedication and Mariana’s dancing, Christina was inspired to create Gala de Danza.

The very first year of the Gala, a young boy named Andres Zuniga came backstage after the performance and said “One day I would like to dance in your Gala!” Three years later, he did. He’s performing in the Gala again this year, only now he’s a professional dancer with the New York City Ballet.

Gala de Danza brings hope to local children in need by providing scholarship programs. With local support from businesses and individuals, children can audition to be a part of this program, which includes dance, music education, drama, English lessons, academic assistance, etiquette, ethic and values, dance uniforms and lunch.

In addition to dancing and music, another “art” will be featured in the Gala: projection mapping. It’s done by a group of artists called Quixotic Fusion, who perform everything from aerial acrobatics to theater to music with a combination of visual and lighting effects that will make you ask, “What is this?” They turn the walls of Mar Adento into a multi-sensory experience that you have to see to fully understand.

“It’s like the venue was made for Gala de Danza and Gala de Danza for it,” says Laura Alfaro, the Gala executive director. She said the look and the feel of the atmosphere are indescribable and give the audience a performance like they’ve never experienced before.

Gala ticket prices range from $100 to $190 USD. You can email Mar Adentro at They also have performance and room packages available.

After the Gala, there will be a Gala de Danza Playa Dinner that will be open to the public. The dinner will have an “Earth, Wind & Fire” theme, featuring chefs from Acre, Mar Adentro and Carbon Carbron. For more information, visit