Fish Report

May 27, 2019 Edition


Cabo San Lucas

Numbers at a glance: Billfish 42%, Tuna 12%, other 29%.

The overall tourist activity still seems to be a bit slow this year with overall fishing activity a bit below normal. The striped marlin bite was solid with a lot of fish clearly turning the corner toward the inside. The 1150 Spot was the featured location with continued good action at the Golden Gate to the NW on the Pacific side.

The Yellowfin Tuna bite was solid again this past week with quality fish being reported up to 100-pounds around the San Jamie bank and the 95 Spot, and in the Herradura to the south. The dorado were spotty this past week. The wahoo action was positive mostly to the east and the south. 

The inshore fishing was very productive with some nice counts of snappers, groupers, sierras and yellowtail into the 15-30-pound range as well as some nice roosterfish coming off the beaches.

The prime striped marlin activity was reported at the 1150 Spot on the inside southeast toward the Gordo Banks. This striped marlin fishing success on the Pacific side concentrated around the Golden Gate.  

They were a bit picky with most boats averaging only 1-2 fish per day with an occasional 3-4 fish count reported. The yellowfin were found around the San Jamie banks to the west and in the Herradura to the south and the 95 Spot. The overall action was slow around the Gordo Banks to the far east for both the Marlin and the Tuna.

Inshore fishing was solid with some nice catches of large sierras along Migrino. Roosters showed up again in the surf from Solmar to the Lighthouse and off Palmilla. Yellowtail in the 15-30-pound range were hitting on live bait off Migrino on the Pacific side. Some very nice catches of red snappers and groupers were also reported fishing close to the rocks around El Arco.

LOCATION: 11:50 Spot, Cabrillo mount, Punta Gorda through to Destiladeras. Inshore fishing mostly on the Pacific: Pedregal up to La Bomba.

BEST LURES: Caballito Bait (live and slow trolled), cedar plugs, feathers, hoochis, green/white, green lures.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Mostly sunny, intermittent winds on two days of up to 15 knots. Other days much calmer, with seas of 1-2 ft.

AVERAGE WATER TEMP: Temperatures varied from the Pacific to the East Cape side, with Pacific about 5-7 degrees cooler.

*Sea of Cortez averaged 75-78 F, Pacific: 66-72 F.

Puerto Los Cabos

Bait netters had to work extra hard to obtain what they could, a mix of moonfish, caballito and a few species of sardina were found. On the fishing grounds, namely Gordo Banks, anglers were able to jig up some other chihuil baitfish, but this proved scarcer by the day as the water warmed up quickly. Using mullet now is prohibited, believe this season will open in coming weeks.

Main fishing grounds being concentrated on now, have been from Palmilla, Red Hill, Gordo Banks, San Luis and as far north as Vinorama. The Gordo Banks had been the location where yellowtail were being found, averaging 25 to 35-pounds, striking on larger live bait near the bottom, though as the week progressed this bite came to a standstill, large numbers of various shark species were also moving in on these same grounds, that seems to spook the gamefish.

Sea lions were a pesky problem as well, especially on the grounds to the north, good action for red snapper and bonito was wrecked by these aggressive mammals. Other bottom action included cabrilla, leopard grouper, pargo and almaco jack, on Thursday there was a very impressive 96 lb. amberjack landed from a panga. More numbers bonito than anything else, most of these were striking on yo-yo style jigs, weighing 5 to 10-pounds.

In recent days the striped marlin became much more active, on these same grounds and a bit further offshore there were stripers being found, most of these were striking various baits and average weights were 70 to 100 lb., though one monster striper of about 180 lb. was landed on Friday, many people were thinking it was a blue marlin because of its size, years past we used to see more of the larger striped marlin. One wahoo of about 25 lb. was also landed Friday, no dorado or yellowfin tuna to speak of. To the north off of Cabo Pulmo they have been finding tuna, so we expect these fish will also move south into our range before too long. Off of the San Jose del Cabo hotel zone anglers were finding better action for roosterfish in the 15 to 25 lb. range.

We look for this action to peak in the six weeks or so, please remember that these gamefish should always be released. Not as many sierra are being seen now, no large schools of sardinas to attract them, and as the water temperatures increase these fish usually migrate out of this region.


East Cape

Water- 79 degrees and warming. Clear flat water. 

Air- beautiful spring weather. Cool mornings with highs in the low 80’s. 

The fishing on the Cape has blown wide open!

Limits of Yellowfin for all anglers! The billfish have returned. Some nice Dorado to 52-pounds. A couple of wahoo are being taken daily. Good Rooster fishing with larger fish this week. 

Yellowfin-  under pods of porpoise spread through the bay and outside. Varying sized fish depending on the school. Five-50-pounds Hoochies and cedar plugs are taking the fish. Limits ALL anglers. 

Billfish-  striped marlin mixed with Sails. Anglers targeting the billfish are scoring at least one most several. Very spread. La Ribera to Frailles on the outer bank are working best. Light fishing pressure as most anglers after the Yellowfin. Trolled Ballyhoo and live caballito working. 

Dorado/Wahoo … the dorado have returned!!

Not in large numbers but big fish. Billie Maddox took a 52-pounder yesterday. Three or four wahoo are coming in daily. 

Roosters and inshore- bigger Gallo’s this week. Lots of big Pargo taken as well. 


La Paz  

We might have had one of the best weeks of the fishing season!

In all honesty, we did not catch as many fish as previous weeks, but what we lost in quantity, we made up for with quality with the largest fish of the season.  And, frankly, if you’re tied onto a single big fish for 1 or 2 hours, you don’t have time to catch a bunch of small fish!  But that’s exactly what happened.

We still had a tremendous amount of variety in terms of species that included;  almaco jack, yellowtail,  3 species of pargo (pargo liso / pargo mulatto / dog-tooth) ; cabrilla; yellow snapper, red snapper, bonito (common and white bonito); jack crevalle and wahoo (caught, but not landed) .

We also got our first marlin of the season!

However, we also got into several days of the largest pompano I have ever seen in several decades here with big hefty 10-pound fish.

In those same areas, the roosterfish came on strong with fish between 40 and 90 pounds getting caught and released. 

By far our best roosterfish of the season with some sightings or entire schools of roosterfish crashing baits along the beaches. One captain said, there could have been “hundreds” of big roosterfish in one school!

The big highlight was our first solid week of tuna. And these were NOT football fish.  There were those mean 40-100-pound yellowfin that have a tendency to even break strong men! 

Most of these fish took 1-3 hours on our lighter live bait tackle and most of the fish were taken in shallower water.

The fun thing was that it seemed that many of the larger fish were hooked by first-timers or the wives and girlfriends!  It was great to see them grit it out and all of them enjoyed it! 

There were even larger fish that were battled and came unbuttoned or the lines broke after long fights!

For a lot of folks, it was their biggest fish … or their first fish … or a new species they had never caught … or the longest fight.

Cabo San Lucas Tracy Ehrenberg  

San Jose del Cabo

Gordo Bank Pangas Eric Brictson,

East Cape

Jen Wren Sportfishing

Rancho Leonero,

La Paz

Jonathan Roldan's Tailhunter International