Fish Report

November 12, 2018 Edition

fishkill01.JPGCabo San Lucas

The fleets have reported that overall offshore fishing has continued to be productive with lots of blue marlin activity; some sails, along with a few blacks and more and more striped marlin as the Pacific waters begin cooling.

Most of the blues are running in the 200- to 300-pound range with more blacks around the corner to the East than in the Cabo area.

Yellowfin are showing in the 20- to 25-mile range out toward the San Jamie with most averaging in the 15- to 25-pound range; hopefully, larger fish will follow. Dorado fishing has tailed off with mostly mid-size fish showing.

Wahoo continue to show up mostly on downrigger-run Rapalas or top-shot rigged caballito.

Inshore fishing has continued to produce nice catches of smaller dorado and schools of skipjack with sierra also starting to show.

Yesterday’s catches are off the charts! Pisces 32-foot Bill Collector landed an impressive 186-pound yellowfin and Pisces 42-foot Caliente, a 154-pounder!


ROCKSTAR Tournament begins with $160,000 on the line. Caliente, along with a few other members of the fleet are participating; let’s hope they catch another one just like this today! Other catches: Pisces 31-foot Rebecca caught and released 8 striped marlin, Pisces 31-foot Ruthless landed 10.

A total of 82 fish were caught yesterday by 13 boats! Of these, 32 were dorado; 29 were yellowfin tuna; and 20 were striped marlin -- many were nice-sized dorado and amazing striped marlin catches!

ALL of the marlin were released successfully and ALL tuna and dorado catch limits were well respected. (Boats released tuna and dorado as


Cabo Climate: The month ended with very pleasant weather – mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies with average daytime temps in the upper to mid-80s; evenings in the mid-70s. The forecast for November is for more of the same. Winds are expected in the gentle 6- to 8-mph range through the middle of the month. Humidity is expected to run in the upper-50s to mid-60s range through the middle of November.

Sea Conditions’ Seas have been relatively calm in the mornings with swells showing up in the afternoons. Forecast is for more of the same with winds in the 6- to 8-mph range out of the SSW and WSE. Sea temps are running from 79- to 80 (Pacific) to 82- 83 around the inside corner to the Gordas.

Best Fishing Areas: The hot spots seem to be shifting from the 95 and 1150 Spots to the west and north. Good counts of marlin from around the Lighthouse and out to the San Jamie Bank. Sailfish and striped

marlin counts are good in the Migrino area and quality dorado have moved north along Migrino as well. The yellowfin are being found 15- to 25 miles out from the Herradura west to the San Jamie Bank.

For those willing to make the longer runs, the Finger Bank has started producing multiple striped marlin counts.

Best Bait & Lures: Feathers and cedar plugs were the favorite for tuna with trolled smoke trail lures the favorite for the blue and black marlin. Live bait tossed to tailing stripers was also successful. Soaking live bait around the Finger Bank produced successful multiple striper counts.

Bait Supply: Live bait is available at the $3.00 per bait upon exit from the harbor. With recent tournament action and an increase in seasonal traffic quality live bait has become scarce at times.

Puerto Los Cabos Local San Jose del Cabo fleets are fishing mainly in the vicinity of man and San Luis Banks. The action for yellowfin tuna has been tougher, through the winds

created very fast drifts and made drift and chum fishing harder. Yellowfin tuna in the 40- to 90-pound range were limited; there was also football-sized tuna, white skipjack and bonito, but even the smaller grade of fish became elusive. Most days the best chances for tuna was early in the day.

There was an increase in over 20-pound dorado here or there. Wahoo were hard to predict, as they can be, but these fish are in the area, mainly from Punta Gorda to Vinorama.

Wahoo strikes were incidental catches while drift fishing for tuna on various Rapalas, skirted jet heads, trap hooked chihuil, caballito and ballyhoo. Sizes ranging from 10 to 40 pounds. Some sailfish were still being hooked, as well as some smaller-sized striped marlin -- heard of a 300-pound black marlin off Cabo San Lucas.

Anglers did catch some quality bottom fish -- amberjack, dogtooth snapper, cabrilla were the highlight, early in the day on inshore grounds farther north was the best chance.

fishkill02.JPGEast Cape Yellowfin, dorado, wahoo, billfish, roosterfish -- all biting, plus excellent bottom fishing! There’s lots of live bait available, sardina, caballito and mackerel. Yellowfin tuna were found both inside and outside. Inside they were running from 7- to 40-pounds; outside under the porpoise, to 70-pounds. Inside about two miles from the Pescadero tuna hole, limits of tuna mostly on sardina. Outside, up to 40 miles offshore under porpoise, larger fish were taking cedar plugs, hoochies, squid, sardina and caballito. Best dorado north -- smaller schooling fish in the 5- to 10-pound range mixed with an occasional bull.

The best wahoo bite was south of Cerro Colorado, 1 to 2 miles offshore. At least 2 to 3 fish per boat. One of the fleet boats caught nine in one day. Nice fish around 50 pounds! A lot of wahoo were taken closer. Rapalas and marauders worked best. Anglers who targeted billfish released sails, stripers, and blacks and

scored at least one a day. Lots of pompano and sierra taken inshore off the bottom as well.

La Paz. It’s been up-and-down. Some pretty postcard days, but also some days when the winter winds were blowing, making it tough to fish. Winds are starting to blow erratically now. Some from the north, some from the south, changing from day-to-day. Waters have cooled or are getting mucked up. Bait is getting harder to find and the bait guys either can’t find it or you must wait until they get enough to sell. Folks get impatient, but what are you going to do? That’s the way it is this time of year. Most of the fishing is at Las Arenas. On the days when we could get bait, there’s still some stray 10-to

25-pound tuna hanging out, along with a few dorado. And some of those nice big pargo liso and big dog-snapper in the rocks, although they didn’t get any to the boat this week and lost all of them in the rocks on busted lines. Wahoo is still around and some 20- to 40-pounders were hooked up. Dark Rapalas are still the best option. Also, there have been many large roosterfish as well. Pretty much any angler who wanted one could get a respectable legit fish.

Cabo San Lucas

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