Fish Report

September 17, 2018 Edition

Numbers at a glance: Billfish 25%, tuna 20%, dorado 43%, other 8%.


Catch rates have been increasing with more dorado numbers showing up, but not in the big sizes like there were. Small- to medium-size tuna have still been found more consistently as well. And more than ever,

it seems that it’s true that summer fishing may be “slower,” but it also has the potential to fulfill some big dreams with a large fish. Several weeks ago, we mentioned having to fish a few days to guarantee the best success; well, Art Hevener, a Pisces angler for more than 20 years, proved this point. He fished three days with Captain Jose Ramon Alucano (“JR”) on Pisces 31-foot Rebecca and landed an impressive 470-pound black marlin … his dream fish.

Hevener fished two days and caught two (approximately) 200-pound blue marlin -- one at Destiladeras and the other at Punta Gorda—and he released them both. Another day, Capt. JR tried his luck at Punta

fish-reportseo17.JPGGorda, and found it! He set out some sardina to catch a few yellowfin. There they landed two 15- to 20-pound tuna and used those for bait. A black marlin took the yellowfin resulting in a two-hour fight. Unfortunately, the fish could not be released. This was Hevener’s 71st billfish caught! He had been dreaming of catching the black marlin since he first began fishing, and this was the last billfish on his “bucket list” ashe had already caught every other billfish in the world except for a black. His excitement and happiness were palpable, as he exclaimed, “This is my dream!”

Art Hevener has always fished on the Rebecca with the same crew. When asked why he chooses Pisces year after year, he answered, “The fishing is great, I enjoy fishing with JR and I like how things are done! Fishing with Pisces has always been a good experience.” It’s stories like Art’s (and there are many) that make us so happy to be doing what we are doing after 40 years, and it is clients like Art who make our operation so rewarding.

As Pisces celebrates its 40th Anniversary this year, we are truly a family who wouldn’t be here without our faithful anglers and our loyal crew. On Saturday the 9th we had our first ever, (and probably the first of its kind worldwide) Crew Tournament. Almost all the boats in our fleet participated; crews competed against one another, doing what they love the most, having fun by putting themselves to the test without clients on board. It was awesome to see the boys compete for “The Best in the Fleet!” (Of course, they are all the best … all are winners in our eyes)!

Cabo Climate: The weather has been mostly sunny to partly-cloudy with an average daytime temp in the mid- to high-80s and evenings in the


BEST FISHING AREAS: Gaspareño, Punta Gorda, Pozo Cota, 1150 Spot.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Partially cloudy, some rain. Beginning to be calmer.


BEST LURES: Ballyhoo, caballito: blue/red/black/white – cedar plugs, feather lures.

Bait Supply: Live bait is available at $3.00 per bait upon exit from the harbor.

Puerto Los Cabos

Local fleets are now mainly concentrating on the Gordo, Iman and San Luis Banks. Anglers are using slabs of squid, sardina, skipjack and small tuna for bait. Iman and San Luis were the best places to find a

nicer (over 70 pound) grade of yellowfin. Although no huge numbers (fish were finicky and shy with the boat pressure), but with patience and consistent drifting and chumming over the high spots, there was a

 ood chance of hooking into yellowfin. The Gordo Banks produced a smaller-grade of tuna to about 12-pounds.

Near the Gordo Banks and Iman, several black marlin catches were reported recently weighing in the 200- to 300-pound class while slow-trolling larger rigged baits. White skipjack proved effective. Only a scattering of mostly smaller-sized dorado and wahoo were found recently. The wahoo were hooked into while trolling Rapalas and other lures on the grounds from Iman to San Luis. A handful of charters got into this action, with a couple of 40-pound wahoo landed and others lost. The ocean temperature warmed back up into the 81- to 87-degree range – often water too warm will make wahoo more lethargic, less active. As anglers targeted the wahoo action, it faded out and they couldn’t entice any strikes.

Bottom action was limited to a few dogtooth snapper and amberjack, as were some red snapper, bonito, yellowfin snapper and cabrilla. Best chance for these fish was early in the day, using various bait, as well as yo-yo jigs.


Water is from 88°F to 91°F and warm. Clear and flat. Air has been very pleasant with highs in the low 90s; afternoon ESE breezes and some rain. Yellowfin in the 10- to 70-pound range are being found mostly within a

half mile from the beach. Lots of areas both north and south are holding fish with most being taken on sardina, some on chunk squid, with some dorado (mostly schooling size) mixed in and a few nice bulls were being taken. There’s been a slower wahoo bite with lots of big roosterfish along the beaches. Quite a few billfish around with very light fishing pressure, as most anglers are going for the tuna. Capt. Ramon on El Jefe released four stripers and two sails in one day. Trolled ballyhoo are by far the best bait.

There is some good fishing inside, some nice pargo and lots of roosters, though again, there’s not much pressure.

La Paz

The tuna have been going off at Bahia de Los Muertos and Las Arenas. There were some days when the tuna bit early and hard, and there were so many tuna that anglers either quit and returned to the beach early or they went off looking for other species. They ran the gamut from little 5-pounders up to 60-pounders with larger fish up to about 80-pound beasts on the live bait and light tackle. Several larger fish to 100 pounds were lost at color!

There were nicer dorado up to 30-pounds although most fish were in the 10- to 15-pound range. The larger dorado were with the Las Arenas Fleet where the dorado were mixed in with the tuna, but the La Paz Fleet made up 90% of the catch.

There were also jack crevalle, some nice dog-tooth snapper, pargo liso, cabrilla and pompano as well. But the biggest surprise were the roosterfish! There were a few days when at least a half-dozen gallos all ranging from 25- to 60-pounds were hooked and released!

The weather reports predict intermittent rain showers and scattered thunderstorms again, but not much wind so hopefully, it shouldn’t affect the fishing too badly. Most of the rain has been in the afternoons. In between the rain, it’s hot and sunny! Looks like a postcard!

Cabo San Lucas


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Gordo Bank

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