Fish Report

June 25, 2018 Edition

Cabo San Lucas

Here are the numbers at a glance: billfish 50%, tuna 31%, dorado 4%, other species 12%. Because of Tropical Storm Bud, the port was closed Wednesday through Friday. Before that, the fishing was pretty decent. Still a good marlin bite, and more tuna than seen previously. When the port opened, fleet boats caught a lot of fish, with tuna numbers continuing to grow immensely. We're hoping this storm may bring a few more mahi-mahi around, as we've only seen one caught so far after the storm.

Location: Destiladeras, 20 miles out from the Old Lighthouse, Punta Gorda.

Weather conditions: Minimal wind, some swell, clear skies.

Average water temperature: Water temps varied from 60°F to 76°F.

Best lures: Caballito, sardina, mackerel, cedar plugs, and feathers.


Puerto Los Cabos

We were only able to launch Sunday-Tuesday thanks to the moderate crowd of anglers in town and Tropical Storm Bud. Red flag conditions swiftly closed all port operations. There were scores of world-class surfers in San Jose for the Los Cabos Open of Surf, and even this professional surf contest was postponed due to the heavy storm swell conditions of up to 20 feet.

After the storm, fishing started out much the same with striped marlin action being the most consistent. This was near the Iman and Destelader Banks where large schools of baitfish congregated—mainly sardineta, with a small percentage of mackerel mixed in. This frenzy kept the billfish on these grounds. Fleets were arriving in big numbers from all directions to get in on the action. These fish were striking best on bait, either while slow trolling or drifting.

There wasn't much action for yellowfin tuna, dorado, or wahoo, however some small football-sized tuna were taken in open water while trolling. There were also scattered reports of tuna moving with porpoise farther offshore from Cabo San Lucas—mainly smaller fish, but proving to be hit or miss. Before the storm arrived, there was a flurry of missed wahoo strikes on trolled lures reported, some lost right at gaff. Dorado were absent as well.

The fishing started off with sporadic shallow water bottom catches. Increasing swells and currents made this option more difficult, though a few were caught, including one 60 pound broomtail grouper, barred pargo weighing around 15 pounds,  and leopard grouper of over 20 pounds. A mix of yellow snapper, pompano, and surgeonfish rounded out the structure bite.

We had early charters that released roosterfish in the 75 pound range. These were found near El Cardon. Some nice-sized amberjack were seen close to shore in the same area, but hookups were lost to the rocks. Expectations are high that the next few weeks could bring big opportunities for roosterfish, dogtooth snapper, and amberjack.



East Cape

Water: 75-78; the storm cooled the water down 5 to 7 degrees following Hurricane Bud. 

Air: Clear, cooler and glorious this week.

Fortunately, Tropical Storm Bud, which passed directly over the East Cape, turned out to be a dud. There were light winds to 20 mph, and maybe an inch of rain. There were lots of billfish around before the storm, but afterward it has been all about yellowfin tuna and roosterfish.   

Four boats went out, and all anglers caught limits of yellowfin tuna. One super panga fishing for live bait for roosterfish off the beach in front of the lighthouse took limits of yellowfin from 30 to 64 pounds.  About 20 miles outside of Pulmo Park, anglers limited on football-sized tuna. Dorado were plentiful before the storm. They shall return.

We're seeing big roosters together with huge pargo. Two pargo this week were more than 30 pounds! Roosters are along the beaches, at the lighthouse and all the usual places. Inshore fishing has been good, and fishing will likely get better as water temperatures creep back up to normal. 


La Paz

The story of the week was "Hurricane Bud,” the storm that was...or was not!

The week started well with a continuation of some great fishing for both Las Arenas and La Paz Fleets.  Nice sizable 30 to 80 pound tuna from the north end of Cerralvo Island continued to bend rods, test wills, and break hearts at the same time. Marlin started to show including our first blue of the season, an estimated 300 to 350 pounder. Additionally, nice dorado, amberjack, and even yellowtail kept the variety going.

For the La Paz Fleet, inshore fishing for snapper, pargo and huge cabrilla continued unabated, plus legit 10 to 25 pound schools of dorado were great for some of the families and newcomers.

Then, Tropical Storm Bud decided to crash the party.  Everyone watched Bud as it slowly and ominously approached. Big rolling swells from the south started to affect the area well before the storm made landfall.  By Wednesday, Bud had diminished to a Tropical Storm but still lashed Cabo San Lucas to the south causing flooding and some issues at the airport. By Thursday, boats were out of the water and the Port Captain shut down all boat traffic and prohibited any water activities. The skies got darker and darker, and Bud hit us.

And it was kinda, “Meh, was that a storm?"  Ho-hum.  Bud turned into Bud Light. Still not a good scene for fishing boats. So it affected maybe three days. We were back on the water Friday with trepidation. Had to get folks out of their rooms locked in with cabin fever. But after a storm, waters are often dirty from runoff water or turned over from the winds, and fish are skittish.

However, surprisingly the fish bounced back! The water was a little off, closer to shore but the blue water was easily found probably because we didn't get much rain.  However, even without having to go far, our captains found dorado, pargo, cabrilla, snapper, jack crevalle, bonito and even some of those hefty  60 pound tuna!

So, Hurricane Bud took away about three days from the fishing week in an almost non-event. 

Cabo San Lucas

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