Fish Report


Wes Price with one of the six fish caught near the 238 Bank.Coronado Islands

There is very little boat pressure, however, a lack of sardines for bait along with the passport issue is keeping many from visiting the islands.

Yellowtail were harder to come by but it is unclear as to whether it was the fish or the lack of the right bait that caused the slow down. The yellows are still showing along the weather side of North Island.

Slow-trolled sardine or mackerel are ideal if available — rapalas and xrap’s lures are a good backup if live bait is not available.

There are also yellowtail and bonito at the Middle Ground and a few yellowtail and barracuda at Ribbon Kelp and the 5-Minute Kelp.

Ensenada. Offshore report from Capt. Mike Kraus and guests Wes Price and Paul Dishno on the Black Jack while headed out to confirm that the 238 Bank was holding tuna. Trolling with cedar plugs and live bait while looking for some GPS numbers from their previous trip to the area, they hooked up only a few miles above the 238 on the 400 Bank, three times and landed six yellowfin tuna with the final one of the day weighing 65 pounds according to a scale on board. They had the entire area to themselves with ideal sea temps at 65 to 67 degrees and flat calm seas.

The biggest news is some live bait is now available. Other than that, everything remains the same. The yellows are almost anywhere you look. Salsipuedes, San Miguel Point, and the Reef Todos Santo Island and Punta Banda all have yellowtail along with some barracuda and bonito. Trolling rapalas and xraps are the best for locating the fish. The live bait or surface iron is working great once you nail down the spot.

San Quintin. Adding to the continuing yellowtail, along with the limits of red rockcod and lingcod being landed by the local fleet, was the exciting news that the first yellowfin tuna, although small was caught not too far offshore — an encouraging sign for the beginning of summer season.

Bahia Los Angeles. Not to be outdone, this Sea of Cortez hotspot for yellowtail and dorado offers another unique opportunity for the Baja Norte angler. Gary Graham,