Fish Report

September 4, 2017 Edition

Cabo San Lucas

Cabo Climate: Daytime air temps at 87.5 degrees average and nights at 78.5 degrees. The humidity ratio averaged 74.7%. Skies were mostly cloudy with a few late afternoon showers.

Sea Conditions: Sea temps are very good on both sides of the peninsula. The Finger Bank across the Golden Gate, and the Jaime Bank and on to Cabo Falso, are all at 83 to 84 degrees. Cabo and northerly on the Sea of Cortez side is all at 85 to 86 degrees. Surface breezes were flowing mostly from the westerly directions, averaging 12.7 mph.

Best Fishing Area: Margaritas, Herradura, 95 Fathom Spot and 1150 Fathom Spot for marlin.

Best Lure/Bait: The billfish are being stubborn on the bite, with a few on live bait, a few on different artificials and a few on rigged bait. Dorado and tuna taken mostly on artificials on blind jig strikes.

Live Bait Supply: Good supply of live caballito at the $3.00 per bait.


Puerto Los Cabos

The main action recently has been for the yellowfin tuna. An influx of smaller-sized fish in the 10 to 15 pound class dominated the bite on the Iman Bank, where fleets from as far away as Buena Vista have been getting in on this action. The best bet was drift fishing with free-lined sardina. Limits were the rule. Mixed in with the football-sized tuna were white skipjack up to 8 pounds and an occasional, much larger yellowfin tuna in the 50 to 80 pound class. One 150-pound tuna was also reported off of Gordo Banks.

This time of year, we would expect a larger number of quality-sized tuna. We think they are in the area hanging lower in the water column. Maybe they don’t want to compete with the greater number of smaller tuna.

There have been more reports of black and blue marlin. Early on, there was one 547-pound black marlin brought into the scale. Others in the 200 to 250 pound range were also landed. Most of these marlin strikes came while slow-trolling larger bait, such as skipjack or yellowfin tuna.

Only a couple of wahoo strikes have been reported lately, but there were a fair number of 10 to 20 pound dorado spread throughout the region.

More dogtooth snapper, up to 45 pounds, have been spotted in the past few weeks than there have seen all summer. The majority of the fish hit while anglers were drift fishing and targeting yellowfin tuna on the Inner Gordo Bank, but others were also hooked on the grounds from La Fortuna to the Iman Bank.

East Cape

There have been good, summer air temps and sea conditions and some very hot water around outside, but no storms on the horizon. We are still getting a good selection of bait from the bait boat and squid is available on the dock

Some good-sized blues were taken up north off the south end of the island and the 88. We’re finding dorado in that area, too. These are slightly better-sized fish than south, including some 30 to 40 pounders. The blues continue to outnumber the stripers. A few sails are also around. Other good areas were La Rivera and 8 to 10 miles off Cabo Pulmo.

The yellowfin tuna bite continues around Rincon and some areas south of Los Frailes, although much the same as it has been recently. Squid is still first choice of these fish.

The dorado bite continues all along towards the south. Morgan Pinckly, a 13- year-old from Newport Beach, caught 12 dorado, two 40-plus tuna and a bunch of pargo.

Roosters, jacks and ladyfish are keeping the fly-guys interested along the beaches. Good-size pargo, cabrilla and some really big dog tooth snapper are being found on the reefs again as well.

La Paz

Nature has been fickle lately. For now, anglers are enjoying the hot bite! One pair of light-tackle anglers fished for 9 days and in that time caught almost 20 different species of fish.

At Las Arenas, it’s tuna, tuna, tuna! It started almost two weeks ago and has only gotten steadier. The key is finally finding some sardina for live bait. Not a lot, but surely more than most of the season thus far and sure enough, the tuna came up from the trench.

It’s a nice mix of fish, ranging from as small as 5 to 8 pounds but as large as 40 to 50 pounds. Most pangas were getting limits to near limits of footballs in the 10 to 20 pound class. Perfect for live bait fishing and having fun, especially for a lot of families and first timers who don’t have a lot of experience but great for more experienced anglers who want to fish light tackle or jigs. Plus, the fish are pretty close to shore in flat blue water which just adds to a great day!

On top of it, there is a nice mix of 10 to 25 pound dorado, with some rainbow runners, roosterfish up to 60 pounds plus lots of bonito for action. Then throw in a few cabrilla, pargo, triggerfish and the occasional wahoo and it makes for a fun time on the water and a lot of variety.

The La Paz fleet has been enjoying the scattered dorado in groups across the bay and from Espirito Santo Island to Cerralvo Island. Limits or near limits of 10 to 30 pound fish have been common with some boats hitting the “honey hole” and catching and releasing enough fish to be back to the hotels by noon. Just good, fun fishing!

As well, there’s been big blue marlin cruising in and out of the dorado schools. They’re also feeding on the smaller dorado which are raising a lot of interest, but there’s lots of other sea life to see too, including whales, dolphin, sea turtles and manta rays.


Cabo San Lucas

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Larry Edwards

San Jose del Cabo

Gordo Bank Pangas

East Cape

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La Paz

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