Fish Report

June 8, 2020 Edition

Cabo San Lucas

Coming soon to the Pisces fleet – the 38-foot “Reel Cast,” which recently hooked 34 out of 48 striped marlin over the course of two days. All of the fish were raised on teasers and then hooked on fresh dead ballyhoo purchased each Monday and Tuesday morning. 

According to the owner of the “Reel Cast,” the Captain saw at least another 100 marlin during the two-day bonanza.

In addition to the marlin, they released a sailfish, plus they caught a 35-pound bull dorado.

In addition to the marlin, they also released a sailfish and caught a 35-pound bull dorado. According to Rebecca Ehrenberg of Pisces Sportfishing, "The owner received permission to fish out of Cabo – the Port has been closed as the wind has died down on the Pacific side, but because of COVID-19, the Port remains closed."

She added that it appears that restrictions will begin to ease and reopening of flights, etc., will begin by June 15.

LOCATION: Gordo Bank area is holding school-sized yellowfin along with striped marlin and dorado.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Sunny skies with daytime temps in the mid-70s, and lows in the high 60s with 18-mph winds picking up midday on the Pacific side.

AVERAGE WATER TEMP: 70-to-74-degrees F.

BEST LURES: Live and dead mackerel and caballito bait mostly, with squid, lures, chumming, cedar plugs and feathers for the yellowfin tuna.

San Jose del Cabo

Normally, during this time frame – the latter part of springtime, we would see bustling tourist activity, but of course, nothing has been normal at all now for the past couple of months.

Without any tourists in sight, the Los Cabos area is now pleasantly receiving great weather conditions, progressively warming, though not extremely hot yet; clear sunny skies, little wind, and high temperatures in the mid-to-upper-80s.

Permission from the Port Captain is allowing fishing for personal consumption only, although this is not strictly being enforced; however, no charters for any tourist is allowed. With the warming weather, the fishing has been good for the limited personas venturing offshore.

With ocean water temperatures now ranging from a chilly 68 degrees on the Pacific and up to 78 degrees in directions farther into the Sea of Cortez, more consistent action is being found from the Gordo Banks north towards Iman Bank.

A variety of action was found for yellowtail, amberjack, bonito, red snapper, and grouper off the structure, to striped marlin, wahoo, and yellowfin tuna on the surface. Bait has been limited, though there were sardina being found near the Puerto Los Cabos Marina jetties.

On a negative note, there has been illegal poaching reported from inside the protected Cabo Pulmo Preserve, which apparently, authorities were ignoring enforcing, and pirates were taking advantage. In addition, there were juvenile roosterfish harvested in large numbers by commercial pirates that have no respect for exploiting these prized gamefish that are now jeopardized for future generations.

Sea temps still hovering in the 77-to-79-degree range close to shore and cooling dramatically farther offshore.

An old acquaintance contacted me recently. “Fishing has really been good here in Puerto Los Cabos. There were a few rules to follow to get on the water, but it was worth it! Fishing was on fire” according to angler Ed La Joy.

“We fished aboard my 38-foot Cabo Express “Shock & Awe,” and we raised 30 striped marlin and released 12; we caught 10 tuna, two wahoo, and this 68-pound bull dorado.”

“Gary, you and I met a few times. You inspired me to go to Baja to chase roosterfish on a fly. My first rooster was in front of your house, “Rancho Deluxe” at East Cape. That turned to Tournaments and Bisbee where we met when I won the dorado portion in 2009.”

The good yellowfin tuna La Joy referred to also included some of the better-grade tuna that weighed over 100-pounds on another boat fishing on Gordo Banks.

East Cape

Water - 79-to-82-degrees. The water is definitely warming up as spring settles in.

Air – Sunny, 85 high, and 72 degrees low with afternoon breezes from five to 10 mph.

Local anglers continue to have the run of the seas as visitors are excluded under the current protocol.

Yellowfin - Not quite as close to shore but there's still plenty around. With most that were fortunate enough to score limits of fish in the 10-to-30-pound range – throughout the day. Squid remains the preferred bait with lures and sardinia as the runner-up choices.

I have not heard of any dorado from the beach recently. Most of the action has been farther offshore in open water. Find anything floating and chances are likely that there will be plenty of dorado lurking beneath it.

Inshore - Big schools of roosterfish continue to prowl close to shore and in some cases still chasing bait schools all the way up to the shoreline. Also mixed in are a few jack crevalle with even an occasional sierra or pompano showing up in the catch

Plenty of striped marlin close to shore and are spread out from the Lighthouse all the way down below Los Frailes two to three miles off La Ribera. There are tailers, jumpers, and most importantly, biters.

La Paz 

Still locked down, at least until June 15, with ports and marinas still closed. Supposedly, the only ones permitted to be fishing are local folks with proper permits who are subsistence fishing for their families.  Unfortunately, we’re getting reports of lots of commercial poachers with gill nets and other devices and no inspectors chasing anyone away.  And with no sport fishing traffic, the fish have been thick and the poachers are having a field day, especially around Cerralvo Island.

There is a possibility La Paz will slowly open after June 15. Although COVID-19 is raging in many parts of Mexico, La Paz has been designated as the safest tourist city by Mexican Health authorities and will have a gradual re-opening by mid-month. Authorities are saying it would still probably take 10 to 14 days for businesses to resurrect themselves, plus establish the safety and sanitation protocols that are being required to re-open. Some, but not all airlines, are re-establishing routes and services.