Finally! A Vaccine For Dengue Fever

But it is forbidden to give it to foreigners

Mexican authorities have just approved Dengvaxia, a new dengue fever vaccine that’s to be shipped to vulnerable areas early next year.

 Dengue fever is contracted through mosquito bites and the World Health Organization states that dengue is a threat to 50% of the world’s population, with approximately 400 million people contacting the disease annually. In the first seven months of 2015, 7136 cases of dengue were reported in Mexico, causing 11 deaths.

Dengue fever is a debilitating viral disease with symptoms of headache, sudden high fever, joint pains, nausea and a late-appearing skin rash. It’s kind of like the worst, the worst flu you ever had. Every bone in your body hurts.

The virus is related to the West Nile virus and yellow fever, and may be mistaken for the flu at the onset. The only treatment available is acetaminophen, and victims are cautioned to stay away from aspirin and aspirin-related products, such as ibuprofen.

At this time the vaccine has only been approved in Mexico for people nine to 45 living in areas where dengue fever is prevalent. And this stuff’s not cheap, although price has not been negotiated with the Mexican government yet.

Merck Laboratories of the US is also working on a dengue vaccine, but they are years behind the curve.

And the kicker here is, foreigners are expressly banned from getting the vaccine. No, they don’t hate us, it’s because it has not been shown to be very effective if you have not had dengue in the past and most tourists have not. Also, it’s still in the testing stage, and they can’t follow up on tourists who are here today and gone tomorrow.