Film Festival Is Over

You mean it was here?

Film fest red carpet 1.jpg

The 4th annual Los Cabos Film Festival was held last week, and it did seem to be organized a little better than previous years. There were fewer stars, (Liam Neeson, who practically nobody saw, was the most notable.)

But putting the best face on it, film festival folks said it wasn’t about the stars, nor the turn out for the films, but the movie deals and alliances going on behind the scenes.

The GG didn’t give it a lot of publicity because in years past the movies never started on time or even at the advertised venue. But they seemed to do better at that this year.

This red carpet on opening night was fun to strut, but there was nobody there to interview anyone and people seemed to just wander around. 

The sponsors’ boat ride was a bust when the boat never showed up and we hopeful yachties stood around on the malecon for an hour and a half waiting. The wine showed up. That was good.