Exciting New Development In San Jose

And we thought it was just a hospital. Bet you did too

On the fourlane, almost to San Jose, next door to the Pemex, in an area called Cerro Colorado, is a conglomeration of buildings that’s been under construction for a mighty long time. Mighty long. Like years. So long have they been working on this, that it started to look like a building going down, not up, as the outside looked pretty dilapidated and deteriorated.

Indoor market offering everything from prepared foods for eating there to fresh ingredients for tonight’s dinnerWe were all told by the principles that it was a hospital which was to be owned and operated by ABC Hospitals out of Mexico City. ABC is like the Johns Hopkins of Mexico, so everyone was excited about finally getting a well equipped sophisticated hospital for Los Cabos. But ABC, it turns out, is good at running hospitals, less good at building them. They chose a construction company that was unable to deliver the quality they wanted, and that left them behind schedule and frustrated. They fired the company and the building sat there unfinished while ABC considered their options. 

The option they chose was to get out of Los Cabos altogether.

Enter the current health care company, out of Queretera, which is 60 miles north of Mexico City. They have also been in the health care industry for many years, running hospitals over on the mainland. The development was turned over to Koral, which has gone crazy with the property, conceiving and building an entire village snug up against the hospital.

There was always going to be the hotel, (a Hampton Inn), for medical tourism, and some doctors’ offices, but now there is also a full on wellness center with a spa, a gym, and lots of opportunities for classes as well as physical therapy. There is also a child care area, a business office for short or long term rental, and various specialty clinics that the hospital doesn’t address, such as dental and optometry.

And at the fun end of the spectrum there will be about 30 high end retail shops, something San Jose doesn’t have yet, and a large two story indoor food market. The market will feature prepared foods for onsite consumption, as well as fresh local produce for your home cooking.

exndevSJ.jpgThe hospital, with the pretty strang name of H+, (pronounced just as it looks, the letter H and then the word plus), is open now, and is complete with the only blood bank in Cabo and a well equipped full scale lab.

The hotel is slated to open this month, and it looks like they will make it, as all the furniture is in place in the rooms and people are running around setting last minute finishes, and plumping pillows.

The doctors’ offices are finished and looking for tenants, and those have an interesting twist. They are being rented with full staff in place. The office girls work for the hospital so the doctors don’t have to run a business office in addition to running their practice. And, they can rent an office by the day, week, or month. Or partial day week or month.

The retail shops and the market are still under construction and still looking for tenants with no firm opening date although of course everyone thinks it would be just great to  be ready for the next high season.

It looks like every facet of this project will be worth the long wait.

If you’re interested in reserving some space here, the man to talk to is Andres Arriaga at cell 624 166 5335, andres_arriaga@koralcenter.com.