Enjoying Great Conversation to Better A Community

Knights of Cortes, a Social Breakfast Club for Men in Los Cabos

The goal of the Knights of Cortes is to improve the quality of living in Los Cabos for all citizens, while also enjoying the company and camaraderie of like-minded friends.

Kindred caballeros gather for fine food and convivial and community-oriented conversation at tables, round and otherwise.

The core membership of approximately 150 members consists of men from all walks of life, including Mexicans, Canadians, Americans and other foreigners who are mostly retired and living in the Los Cabos area.

Many are doctors, attorneys, architects, building contractors, and real estate professionals, along with a publisher, authors, professional photographers, and others who are interested in being informed and are willing to assist when called upon. Individuals are invited to speak to the group on subjects of interest to the group as a whole and primarily directed to the betterment of the Los Cabos community and environment.

The men’s social group was officially formed by Joe Tyson and Bob Schultz with the assistance of our own Sandra Berry, of Tomatoes fame. The first breakfast meeting was on November 19, 2014, and the group was officially formed in January 2015. 

They meet for breakfast on a weekly basis at various restaurants in the Cabo San Lucas area. The breakfast meeting size varies from a dozen to two dozen members, dependent on the speaker and the time of year.

Periodic evening dinner socials include the spouses and significant others.

*Overview of a breakfast meeting at the Stoplight Restaurant in Cabo San Lucas.*

Bob opens the meetings with an overview of current local and national events, recommendations and events of interest for the coming week and finishes with the joke of the week, told by him or a volunteer from the meeting. A member regaled us with the hilarious adventures of a yellow “canary bird” at this meeting.

Bob overviews a few local news items then offers suggestions as to local events coming up during the week: Cabo Critters fundraiser, Luna Restaurant Wednesday PM social, a wine pairing dinner and the Friday night festivities with Lisa Saunders and her Caborado Band at Solomon’s and a must-go Taco Fest at Casa Dorado.

I attended this Taco Fest. A fabulous event; you have not lived until you have had grasshopper tacos.

A high priority at this meeting was the 25th anniversary event for the Los Cabos Magazine over at the Palmilla Resort in San Jose the following Friday night, put on by Joe Tyson (one of the founders of the men’s group and the founder of the Los Cabos Magazine), a “big-boy pants” event per Bob.

It looks like my traditional shorts and sandals will be staying in the closet. I attended this event and had a wonderful time.

There was no speaker, but past speakers have been very enlightening; Los Cabos tourism director, State Senators, city mayors, doctors from local hospitals, INAPAM seniors card presentation, Los Cabos general manager, municipal planning institute for Los Cabos, Los Cabos real estate overview per broker Joni Ross, Gringo Gazette per former owner Carrie Duncan, Destination Baja Sur TV series per Bill Boyce and Brian Solomon, and many local authors, including me, etc.

My immediate neighbor at the breakfast for this story was Reverend Dave G Larsen from the Cabo Sanctuary. The Cabo Sanctuary is a Christian ministry of spiritual peace, spiritual restoration, and pastoral care that ministers use to replace the brokenness and pain of the world with the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

What an interesting life he has had.

He told me about his early family (Scandinavian) immigrant days in the Great Lakes area of the U.S. Hard times but that was an era of hard work and striving for the American dream.

During the depression the family had to split up; one half stayed in the Great Lakes area on the farms, the other half migrated to the west for more opportunity. Dave’s parents were in the western half.

Dave, along with his wife, Dinah, have had a very positive influence on Los Cabos. They have been very involved with many local causes including the recovery efforts after Hurricane Odile.

Dave also emphasizes they are incurable travelers. He had some great stories from running over an alligator near Merida in the Yucatan to camping on desolate, tranquil beaches all over Mexico.

This summer they were going to explore the Oaxaca area in southern Mexico to the Yucatan.

He gave me the very interesting background history of the local Oaxacan area Indian tribes. They have always fought for their independence (the Mexican Revolution in the early 1900s) and this independent spirit is still there today.

The culture, the festivals and the people in Oaxaca turn this area into a must-visit, thus I added Oaxaca to my bucket list.

I really enjoyed talking with Dave because I am an incurable traveler also. I am four books into a seven-book series on Road or Island-Hopping trips I have taken.

I have been an explorer and a wanderer all of my life and have always wanted to live every day to its fullest. The harsh reality of life is that we do not make it out alive.

Mentors assured me I would grow out of this state; maturity would turn me into a stable asset to society. When I felt the same at middle age, I was confidently told that old age would take care of this problem. When I reached old age (I am now 75), nothing changed. In fact, I just went on a three-week California road trip last year and had an awesome time. My conclusion: this disease is happily incurable.

Travels, even if along the same path, are all different and they all have their own personalities.

What you have to accept in order to enjoy traveling to the max is that you do not take a trip, a trip takes you. I have always been very good at understanding and doing this.

In my talk with Dave, I came to the conclusion that we were both brothers of the road.

The Knights of Cortes Breakfast Meeting is a returner; good people, good conversation and good comradeship. I highly recommend dropping by some Wednesday at 8 a.m. for breakfast.

For information:  https://www.knightsofcortes.com/about-us/