Easy Peasy 5K Run For Charity

If you can’t scoot along for 3 miles, you need to check yourself into an old folks home

It’s time to put down your margarita, grab your sunscreen and jog over to Cabo del Sol to participate in the Los Cabos Charity 5K Run. OK, well, we’ll let you drive over, because you will need to save yourself for the run.

The city of Cabo San Lucas, along with some money people, (sponsors), is hosting this charity 5K run as part of the first Los Cabos Gran Fondo bicycle race. That race is going to be a pain in the ass for more than just the folks sitting on those little bitty bicycle seats, because it goes for 100 miles on our streets.

But right now we’re talking about the Los Cabos Charity 5K also to be held on October 18. This will be confined to inside the Cabo del Sol development and will be the headache of the richy rich people living there. Do we care about their traffic difficulties? Naw.

The course goes along the sea starting at crack O’dawn. (That occurs at 7:15am in case you’ve never been up at that hour).

The start and finish lines are when you pass the Sheraton Hacienda across the divided street from the entrance to the clubhouse of the golf course. Golf there on that day not recommended.

This is a family, friends, and get to know your neighbors event promoting sports and health for all ages. In other words, not to be taken seriously.  There are awards and trophies for the top three places in each category for adults as well as for the kiddies ages 8 to 14 years old.

Registration is open until October 16, and then you’re out of luck. Or you’re lucky, depending on your level of enthusiasm for this nonsense.

The “donation” is $275 pesos. If you don’t feel like “donating”, stay in bed, because it’s a mandatory voluntary donation.

The Los Cabos Charity 5K Run will benefit various Cabo charities, including the Los Cabos Children’s Foundation. If you would like to make sure they get your whopping big involuntary donation of 275 pesos, sign up for this thing through them at admin@loscaboschildren.org.

You can also visit the Tricabo website at www.tricabo.com. The money they’re tearing out of you includes a shirt, a commemorative medal, a race number, and hydration. (We think they mean a cup of water).

This is the kicker:

You have to wear a bib tag chip. That’s an electronic tracker built into your number. Remember back in 1980 during the Boston marathon when a gal named Rosie Ruiz took the subway for part of the race? No kidding. She ran off the course, jumprf on the subway for at least a couple of stations, and caught up to the race later on, very near the finish line.

She was caught at this caper and ever since then racers are monitored more closely. These electronic gadgets must be worn by the runners and silently check in with race officials at various parts of the race.

And in the department of character counts, Rosie was later convicted of embezzling money from her employer, then after that was convicted of being involved in a cocaine deal. She still insists she’s a speedy runner and swears that yes indeedy, she did run the entire 26 miles. Maybe she was so fast cause she was hyped up on coke.

OK, so get off your bar stool, strap on your sneakers and come out to support our local Cabo charities. And don’t try to take a short cut on a golf cart, because they’re pinging for your chip.