Dog Rescue for Hope


At the Colonias Christmas Charity event on December 25, a young Bombero (fireman) found a dog barely surviving. The dog was near death and the Bombero rescued her from Caravan one in Lagunitas Barrio. She embraced the dog and took responsibility to find safety for the young female dog that is now named Hope.


Bombero Brenda and Susan from the Paramedic Team of the Fire Department coordinated the efforts to find care for Hope. Jorge and Rene, who are Paramedic Leaders, assisted with the effort. Also, Stacey Tonita, a local Veterinarian, volunteers her time to rescuing dogs. She was instrumental in helping this young pup. She cared for the dog and nourished her back to health. Stacey does this act of kindness often to help homeless, starving, stray animals. She also has support from the community to assist with medical expenses.

A quote from the volunteers at The Christmas In Colonias Charity event is below: "The most meaningful moment for the Santa Paws Group at the Christmas In Colonias event was toward the end of the morning when a very nice and conscientious female Bomeros came over to the Santa Paws Booth carrying a dog that was hurt, she requested some food for her as she was sure she was starving with every rib protruding. The Bomeros held her while she ate as fast as she could. When we tried to stand her up so she could drink water, she could only stand on three legs. Of course, with all of us in the group being dog lovers, we knew there would be a happy ending. We contacted a rescue home and Hope was taken there for care. The home welcomed her as she arrived. Later Hope was taken to Veterinarian, Stacey Tonita. This young, barely a year old puppy had a broken leg that had healed but leaving it completely straight along with issues of Ehrlichia, fleas, ticks, and malnutrition. Stacey provided treatment and a special diet to help Hope heal. An individual from the community volunteered to make Hope blankets. Slowly Hope is getting her health and strength back. She gets up and cruises for a bit but heads right back to rest which is a critical part of her healing process."

The first rescuer's call her Christa for (Christmas). The shelter named her Hope in hopes of her being adopted and becoming a part of a family. To contact Stacey Tonita, she may be reached on Facebook at Cabo Adoptable Pets.