Do We Have A Hardware Or Software Problem?

Breaking and entering, and various crimes of property are rampant in this town. Everybody has either been effected or personally knows someone who has been robbed. Nobody can leave their house to go to the States without getting a house sitter, and even that is no guarantee, as the brazen thieves often break in while people are home. The police will do nothing, often refusing even to come out and take a report. They know this is going on and they often know who it is. This is proven by if you “tip” the police you have a good chance of seeing your stuff again. They will somehow find it for


24 police failed the last “confidence” test, most for drug abuse. 15 of them were fired but a judge ordered six of them reinstated. We were told the reason more are not fired with each confidence test, is it is so costly to give them their severance pay, which they get even if they’re caught stealing.

The tests entail personality profiling, a determination that personal assets are in accordance with income, and checking for alcohol and drug abuse and organized crime links. Officers undergo polygraph exams, background checks and physical aptitude tests.

We currently have 582 cops in the municipality, which is about the U.S. average for a town our size. (About 250,000). So where are they? If each one wrote just one ticket a day, at $20 a ticket, they could raise more than $10,000 a day for the city. When was the last time you saw one of these Keystone Kops write a ticket? Sadly, you don’t know, because you’re too busy pushing money into their hands from the moment one pulls you over.

Just think of the lives saved if they police slowed folks down with speeding tickets, enforced stops at stop signs, and if they enforced the seat belt rule. The sorry state of the city police is responsible for lives and revenue squandered, and the loss of civility in our neighborhoods and on our roads.

Let’s all hope for the best from our incoming administration.