Daily News Blasts

July 8, 2019

Waldorf Astoria Comes to Cabo

The luxury brand just acquired the rights to manage The Resort at Pedregal - formelly Capella Pedregal - and promises to deliver "from classic elegance to modern splendor" to its guests.

Waldorf Astoria Hotels and Resorts, a division of Hilton International, is a traditional luxury brand inspired by the iconic New York Waldorf Astoria hotel. Juan Corvinos, Hilton's vicepresident of development for Mexico and Latin America said that they decided to come to Cabo, "one of the most important tourism and business resorts in the country."


Free Tennis Court to be Built

The organizers of the ATP 250 tournament that will take place at the end of July in Cabo San Lucas announced their decision to build, free of charge, a public tennis court for Los Cabos’ residents. The court will be located at the Don Koll sports area in the low-income Cangrejos neighborhood, next to the current soccer stadium, racing track and upcoming Olympic pool. Stay tuned for details.


Mexico's Immigration Office Fires 500 And Federal Police Will be Disbanded

Early this year, Mexico's Interior Secretary announced a purge within the National Immigration Agency (INM) on charges of corruption.

So far, 500 officers have been fired, mostly for accepting money in exchange for immigration documents and or extortion to immigrants.

Already short-staffed, the INM turned to the Federal Police for help, and 600 agents have been swapped so far. The ones that did not meet the physical requirements (meaning, are obese).

Those Federal cops that are fit will be transferred to the new National Guard, and the Federal Police agency will disappear.


Rancho Leonero Home is Auctioned

But no one bids for it.

Thirteen years after drug lord Arellano Felix got busted by Mexican and DEA agents near our Southern Baja shores aboard his luxurious yacht, his home in Rancho Leonero went up for auction last week.

His home was priced at $1.2 million, but the auction got no bidders. Maybe the potential buyers think they might be mistaken for him and get shot? They're missing a prime location on the East Cape. Sigh.


Local Resort Gets Awarded

The Sheraton Grand Hacienda del Mar received several awards from RCI (Resort Condominiums International), the world's largest timeshare vacation exchange network with over 4,300 affiliated resorts in 110 countries.

Each year, RCI members choose their favorite resort in a tourist destination. The resort with the most votes gets the "Excellence in Service" award.

This is the 10th consecutive year that our very own Sheraton Grand gets such recognition. As Maribel Vazquez, RCI Executive said, "this is not an easy task to attain for all these years." The resort also won several awards for outstanding food, housekeeping, reception areas, as well as for its timeshare salespeople approach. Congrats!


Is the Cabo Arch Crumbling?

Yes, if you listen to two people: Geologist Enrique Nava, a researcher at the Interdisciplinary Center of Marine Sciences (Cicimar) located in La Paz, who said that the arch over the sea is "like the tip of the iceberg," because it could be a structure of several kilometers of submerged granite.

In recent times, geologists have observed some changes in the structure of the Cabo San Lucas Arch after the passage of the last tropical hurricanes, found during tours, landslides, and fractures at the base.

The biologist and diver Beningo Guerrero recognized that the internal structure of the Arc already presents fractures and that in the long term, erosion could cause a collapse.

So, hurry up and visit it now!


Pay for Beer with Plastic!

Corona beer has gone into cahoots with the Parley for the Oceans organization, which addresses major threats towards our oceans, "the most important ecosystem of our planet."

The first phase of their campaign will be dispensers in several areas of Mexico City, where by inserting three empty and clean PET bottles you get a Corona beer back! The campaign is called "Corona Better World Movement," with the beer company launching a 6-Pack Limited Edition which proceeds will go to clean a square meter of beach for each sale.

Corona will expand the program to 23 countries with the goal to clean 2 million square meters (21.5 million sq.ft.) of beaches around the world. The 6-Packs will be available in Mexico between June and August this year, although there’s one dispenser already operating in La Paz, at the Modelorama beer depot on Abasolo and Colosio, near the VW dealership.


Rare Critters Sighting

A group of a rare species of sea mammals was seen by tourists in Los Cabos, who shared their findings with the Mexican Society of Marine Mastozoology, who assessed that they were False Killer Whales (Pseudorca crassidens), which is a sizeable oceanic dolphin that inhabits oceans worldwide but mainly frequents tropical regions. It was first described in 1846 as a species of porpoise based on a skull, which was revised when the first carcasses were observed in 1861. The name "false killer whale" comes from similar skull characteristics to the killer whale (Orcinus orca).

The false killer whale reaches a maximum length of 6 m (20 ft), though size can vary around the world. It is highly sociable, known to form pods of up to 500 members, and can also form pods with other dolphin species, such as bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus). Further, it can form close bonds with other species, as well as partake in sexual (including both heterosexual and homosexual) interactions with them.


We Have a New Cruise Ship Dock

Well, newly remodelled, at least. Governor Carlos Mendoza officially inaugurated the Santa Rosalia dock and boardwalk, which will now be able to welcome cruise ship passengers.

Santa Rosalia is a quaint, French-influenced mining town north of La Paz, on the Sea of Cortez. It’s main church, Santa Barbara, was designed by Gustave Eiffel, built in France, and then shipped to our state where it was assembled by local workers.

With this remodeled dock, our state becomes the one with more ports of call in Mexico, receiving cruise ships in four destinations: Cabo San Lucas, La Paz, Loreto and Santa Rosalia.


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