Daily News Blasts

September 2, 2019 Edition

Cerritos Beach Club Catches Fire

The once popular Cerritos Beach Club on Cerritos beach burned completely around 3 a.m. today. The cops arrived within 30 minutes. It got fully engulfed in flames and burned to the ground. There is no information yet on the cause. The restaurant bar became off limits to the public and was turned into a private club for homeowners of the nearby Pacifico condos. It was later closed for good.


Beach Wrestling at Costa Azul this Month

The National Beach Wrestling Championship will take place at the Costa Azul beach in San Jose this August 23-25. Over 10 Mexican teams will compete to represent Mexico at the World Championship.

Beach wrestling was introduced as an international style by UWW, the international governing body for wrestling, as another avenue for athletic competition. Beach Wrestling (or sand wrestling) has been a consistent style of wrestling internationally for centuries. Combining elements of all wrestling styles, including sumo. Beach events have drawn walk-up crowds when partnered with other sporting events, helping expand the reach of wrestling through non-traditional venues.


Los Cabos International Film Fest Changes Venue

For both the Red Carpet opening event and the movie projections. Festival executives Alejandra Paulin and Mary Garzón announced that this year he Red Carpet will take place on the Cabo Marina, outside of the Luxury Avenue shops in the Puerto Paraiso Mall and the movies will be shown at Cinemex, in the same mall. The film festival will take place November 13-17 this year.


Millions to Promote Cabo

Following the disbandment of the National Tourism Council, which spent millions every year in promoting Mexico abroad, the local hotel and restaurant associations are pitching money to promote Los Cabos in Mexico, the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom and China.

The lodging tax this year will raise some $12 million for our local tourism promotion fund and the hotel and restaurants associations pitched in an additional $2.6 million. More business associations are expected to jump in and fund this effort.

In comparison, the Las Vegas tourism board dedicated $101.5 million to advertising in the 2018-19 fiscal year. Are we that poor?


Don Koll Gets New Lamps

Not Mr. Koll, the developer of Palmilla. He passed away in 2011. During his lifetime he donated a soccer stadium with an 8-lane race track and grandstands in Cabo San Lucas, which bears his name. The lamps were damaged by hurricane Odile and following storms. Last week, the Coppel Foundation from the Pueblo Bonito group donated 60 new high-efficiency LED lamps, which will save the city 50-percent in electricity consumption. The lamps are the same as the ones you can find at the San Diego Padres Petco Park stadium, the Dallas Cowboys’ ATT stadium in Dallas, and Wimbledon in the U.K. Thank you, Coppel Foundation!


You Can Cook Like a Mexican too!

The Gringo Gazette brings you a new, entertaining and informative section in its Online version. Almost 100 different Mexican Food recipes written by our in-house Chef Ale Borbolla have been uploaded to our website for your enjoyment. Don't be afraid, Mexican cuisine is sometimes complicated but nevertheless a lot of fun, especially if you drink a Margarita (or two) while in the kitchen! Click on the photo below and start Cooking Like a Mexican, or visit our website www.gringogazette.com - the link is in the upper right-hand corner!


Wanna Spend the Night on the Cabo Arch?

Climb it and you will find out you can’t climb back down. That is what happened to 5 youngsters who thought of having a good time hiking the Solmar mountain and end on top of the arch. The Navy responded to a call for help but could not find them as they were looking for other ways to come down. It wasn’t until dawn the next day that a lifeguard spotted them and called for help again. The scared and tired group was reprimanded and told that hiking the arch is a no-no.


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