Commandant Of Fire Department Invites Volunteers To Attend Pilot Program


On Saturday, January 11, the Cabo San Lucas Fire Department invited specific volunteers of the community to visit their facility located behind McDonald's in downtown Cabo.

All had the opportunity to witness the Commandant of the Fire Department instruct an hour-long presentation of their pilot program to kids of the community. The Commandant arranges to have the kids transported from the barrios to the fire station and returns them home safely each Saturday. The children range from preschool age to high school age. The program provides instruction about volunteering, community service, first aid, and firefighting. The presentation was very impressive and quite intense.

There are approximately 150 boys and girls that practice marching and physical training each Saturday. Music is also included with drum rolls. The fire department arranges camping trips for all who participate in the program too.

Many start the program at a young age, work their way to accomplish becoming Junior Bomberos gradually become Volunteer Firefighters then become paid Firefighters. Some are fortunate enough to become paramedic trainees and several have had their full tuition paid through college to become doctors, all provided by the Fire Department.

After the presentation volunteers from the Chrismas in Colonias effort headed by Donna Timmons and Sherrie Miller surprised the Bomberos by awarding them with needed gifts such as fanny packs, first aid kits, and flashlights. The volunteers also provided snacks that included delicious cookies to end the celebration.