Combining Food Forces

Two Restaurant Establishments Come Together in San Jose

Pato Buzo Cevicheria and La Chencha Pizza a la Lena teamed up and agreed to share the same common outdoor space in the heart of San Jose Del Cabo. They are located where Boulevard Forjadores and Geologia intersect in downtown San Jose, 4 miles off Boulevard Mauricio Castro (Route 1). Pato Buzo Cevicheria is a brand new stationary food truck equipped with everything an indoor restaurant kitchen would have. La Chencha Pizza a la Lena is an open brick dwelling that houses a wood-burning oven and offers a small sidewalk bar with stools.


The two restaurants chose to share the prime outdoor location and created a very nautical feel for their guests. The shared seating area is well decorated with teak tables and chairs appointed by bright teal seating custom cushions for comfort.

The nautical atmosphere displays surfboards and a variety of professional hand-painted fish that decorate a large wall and the interior of the restaurant. There is a custom-built wooden roof that provides shade and power fans run to keep you cool along with a nice breeze. A beautiful sunset may be viewed on the rear side of the open dining area.

The owner of Pato Buzo Cevicheria, Mario Diaz, and the owner of La Chencha Pizza a la Lena, Fernando Lozano Zepeda, felt their establishments would compliment each other's businesses and also offer their guests two entirely different types of food selections along with a wonderful atmosphere and excellent service. Both restaurants have bilingual staff.

The name Poto Buzo Cevicheria means submerged duck in Spanish. Therefore Poto Buzo Cevicheria's menu offers seafood selections. "For Your Craving" appetizers consist of Chocolata Clam, a seafood delicacy that is hard to find anywhere else in the world. Cabo's chocolate clams are a treat for any foodie and an unrivaled temptation for seafood lovers. 

Cabo’s chocolate clams are not named so because they taste like chocolate or that they are cooked in a chocolate sauce, chocolate clams derived the name because of the brown, chocolate color of their shiny shells. They are also famous for their size, reaching up to six inches wide (that’s about 15 centimeters)! In fact, their scientific name, Megapitaria squalida, makes a clearer reference to their size rather than their chocolate-colored appearance. 

As such, Cabo's chocolate clams are the largest bivalves (aquatic mollusks such as oysters, clams, mussels, and scallops) in North America.

In addition to starting your dining experience with the Chocolata Clam, there are also appetizers such as "Pato Clam." Pato Clam is a mix of clam, octopus, and shrimp with tomato, cucumber, purple onion, cilantro, serrano pepper and their unique House Salsa.

Also offered are Shrimp and Octopus shots. The "Shimp Shot" is incredible! Raw or cooked shrimp with clamato juice and their unique House Salsa. A healthy shot of multiple shrimp in a shot glass for only 25 pesos. You may add your favorite liquor for a bit more money. Last on the appetizer menu is Tuna Carnitas.

Other menu items include Tostadas and Tacos, Ceviche, Sashimis, and Aguachiles. Aguaciles are available with octopus or shrimp prepared in three different ways.

You may also have a combination of both which consists of Shrimp and Octopus with cucumber, purple onion, cut julienne, all submerged in green pepper sauce. There is a very reasonably priced "For The Ducklings" menu (Kid's Menu).

So, of course, the atmosphere is not only in a great outdoor environment but it's family-friendly too. There is also beer, wine, and cocktails for the adults may enjoy.

La Chencha Pizza a la Lena, a family-owned and operated business, named their restaurant after their pet dachshund, Chencha. And the name reveals that they obviously offer pizza, but not just any pizza! They offer 12 types of authentic, specialty pizzas, therefore there are too many to list, but all are made with fresh ingredients. The crispy thin crust is homemade and most importantly, the taste is delicious! Owner and chef Fernando Lozano Zepeda's technique for cooking pizza is "everything in the wood-burning fire oven," even all the ingredients his pizzas are topped with. He also cooks the tomatoes that become the tomato sauce for the pizza selections in the wood-burning oven. In addition to pizza, they offer lasagna, baked stuffed bell peppers, Italian sausage, and a wonderful house salad with a choice of smoked honey vinaigrette or Roquefort dressing, which can be difficult to find in local restaurants. The salad is a healthy size for 100 pesos.

When I was having lunch in their shared location, I was extremely impressed when I witnessed the synergy between the two groups of staff. I overheard one of the servers from Pato Buzo Cevicheria relaying to guests their restaurant menu items along with what La Chencha Pizza a la Lena menu offered.

Politely relaying to the customers that they are welcomed to order from either or both menus. I also enjoyed seeing both sets of staff interacting with each other. It is obvious this partnership is not just a business relationship but they have all become friends and their goal is to help each other succeed. I chatted with Jorge Chavez who works at Pato Buzo Cevicheria, and he relayed they understand competition is healthy and offering two completely different styles of food is more flexible, fun for the customer and beneficial to both restaurants. The chef and owner of La Chencha Pizza a la Lena relayed the same philosophy.

Pato Buzo Cevicheria is on Facebook and Instagram and their phone number is 624-688-2481, La Chencha Pizza a la Lena is on Instagram.