Circus Tent On Our Marina Front? Really?

Nope. This big tent was set up on the South side of what’s left of the marina front parking lot. The lot used to be very useful for all the marina workers, until the cultural center was built, taking about two thirds of the  parking spaces.

And now this big tent is taking up two thirds of the one third that was left. And, of course they took their part out of the crip parking, guess blue signs don’t mean anything to the chamber of commerce. Because that’s who’s tent it is: CANACO, the chamber of commerce erected it for their annual Expo-Proveeduria, a kind of trade show with dozens of vendors renting space to show their wares, mostly to the hospitality industry. Well, what other industry do we have here, we’re pretty much a one industry town.

The entire lot was closed to parking from Friday, May 6, through Sunday, May 8. In years past the providers’ trade show has been held in  banquet rooms of local hotels. 

Reminds us of what the governor said when, at the opening of the cultural center, he was asked where were the downtown merchants and marina workers supposed to park now. He said, “Let them take the bus”.

So, who gets the rent the show promoters pay to use the parking lot? We can’t say for certain where the money trail leads, but the city owns the parking lot and keeps whatever money the ticket guy collects. Mostly the guy keeps the arm to the gate up and just lets cars in for a “gratuity”. What, you’ve been paying to park there? So you’re the one who pays.