Church Rising From Hell

Well, maybe that’s not the best analogy


For just the second time since it was submerged under nearly 100 feet of water in 1966, a 450 year old church has risen above the surface because of a drought. It looks as though it has risen up, like a resurrection and is very, very spooky.

The Temple of Santiago was built in 1564 in southern Mexico’s state of Chiapas. When a devastating plague gripped the area from 1773 to 1776, the church was simply abandoned. Then, in 1966, a reservoir was created after the completion of a dam, and the church disappeared under water for good. Or so they thought. The reservoir’s water level has fallen more than 80 feet this year, allowing the church to come back from the deep. Like we said, it’s spooky.

Since 1966, the Temple of Santiago has only risen above the water once prior to this time. In 2002, water levels dropped so low during a drought that ghost hunters could actually walk on the floor inside the church again. Apparently it wasn’t so spooky for the locals, as they celebrated what appeared to them to be a good omen.

This time, some people have been able to climb on the walls of the building, but water levels haven’t dropped enough to walk around on the church’s floor.