Choosing the Proper Parcel


Whether you are planning to choose a new homesite, or whether you have already secured your parcel of land, your realtor  should ensure that the land allows for you to build the type of property you desire within the budget you have established. Not only are we familiar with township, state and government laws, we understand the legal variances and setbacks as well as each neighbor- hood’s Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&R’s) of the area that you are building in.

Survey Geisler Article.pngThe choices you make when selecting a homesite will inevitably determine the end design, which will in turn influence how you use your property and whether it fits your lifestyle. For instance, it is helpful to prioritize your preferences, such as your desire to either live within close proximity to the beach or with a hilltop panoramic view. You will want to consider whether it’s important for you to be in a gated community or whether there are specific amenities you desire, such as golf, tennis or a beach club. Some people prefer the Pacific side for the spectacular sunsets, while others would rather their location be conveniently located to the airport, close to one of our fabulous marinas, or nearby swimming beaches or charming historical towns where there are community gatherings or conveniences to restaurants, grocers or other amenities.

Once you have narrowed down the lot where you prefer to build, your realtor then provides critical guidance and protection during the process of writing and negotiating an offer.

One critical suggestion we make is to negotiate yourself adequate due-diligence time in your offer where you can discuss your project ideas with builders and architects, while also gathering various topographic and soil studies in advance to help determine your foundation and preparation costs and the possibilities of what can be built on the land.

The topographical study can identify slope grade and natural drainage and will help determine the possible need for retaining walls as well as provide considerations for dirt reconstruction and view line. In most cases, a steep lot may re- quire more retention or infrastructure to support a home versus a more leveled lot. Meanwhile a gentle sloping lot may al- low the architect to be creative, offering greater views, spacious layouts and more private areas as they design the construction in accordance to the natural terrain of the property.

The soil study test will provide details regarding the land’s stability, weight disbursements, major rock formations to consider and total volume it can with- hold. Understanding what can be created on your land parcel will help determine if the lot will enable you to build a home that meets your needs.

With the assistance and the coordination of a general contractor, these inexpensive studies can be completed within and aver- age of 14 days of the due-diligence period of your offer to purchase. The effort you put forth in advance of solidifying your purchase will greatly assist you and your builder in determining the full scope and budget of your project through completion. Whether you are purchasing in a large master-planned community or a small buildable area, we can assist you in assuring that your contractors are aware of the legal building guidelines from the township and the master-planned development’s architectural boards.

By utilizing the due diligence period to investigate the property fully, you will be in a much better position to decide whether you want to proceed with the land purchase, or reserve your right to withdraw your Offer to Purchase. It is far better to invest on studies in advance if it can ensure you’re choosing the proper parcel for your project, than to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars designing plans and building a home that turns out to be something different than you originally desired.

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