Children’s Foundation Shakes The Money Tree

They have a new outreach program that is effective, painless, and very professional

The Los Cabos Children’s Foundation, a local charity started and supported by Americans, has a new fund raising program called  One Dollar A Day.

Since this successful charity began more than a decade ago, it has been passing the sombrero among the richie rich, which has worked out well, but now they are adding an additional outreach program.

The Foundation has hired Vanessa Figueroa, as development director   to contact all the timeshare hotels to enroll them in this program which wrings a buck a day out of each of the hotel guests. The buck a day is automatically added to their hotel bill and is usually not even noticed when they check out. Also, the charity has created a program which automatically deducts a few dollars from each pay check the time share workers earn.

When Vanessa contacted Chris Erickson, who owns Cabo Villas on Medano Beach, he ponied right up, and was glad to be the first in line to support the Foundation’s good works. Chris said he was especially interested in the Foundation’s “Spirit of Love” surgical and intensive care program that provides help for children born with congenital heart defects. These children used to be sent to the States for surgery, but now most of them are treated in La Paz, thanks to all the equipment bought and doctors trained by the Los Cabos Children’s Foundation.

“Since the program started, Cabo Villas has given us close to $75,000 dollars,” announced Marisa Comella, executive director for the Los Cabos Children’s Foundation. “We are so very thankful for having such committed people on board, working alongside us to create awareness of the health care needs of children in Baja California Sur and making a difference in the way locals and tourists approach charitable giving by having a continuous program with quantifiable results.”

Vanessa is out beating the bushes for more hotels to get “involved”. (Translation: Pony up $$$$ from their guests and their staff). Her latest success has been with the Hacienda del Mar Vacation Club that is giving it a trial.

The reason this program works so well, says Vanessa, is that once it’s in place, it’s all automatic, because the money deducted from the hotel guests is programed into the preparation of the bills, and the one payroll service all these time share companies use to prepare their paycheck, programs the charitble deduction right into their final pay.

For any companies, of any kind, that want to jump into this really effective charity, go to or call Vanessa, She will come out like a fire truck to explain the program details and help you get started. We’re betting your employees would be glad to know how they can give to the community in a way that’s easy and secuee for them. She can be reached at cellie 624-157-3851.