A Chat With Cabo’s Delegate To City Hall

The closest San Lucas has to a mayor

Francisco Garcia, aka Panchito, is the delegate or representative from Cabo San Lucas to the City Hall in San Jose. He’s the closest we have to a mayor in San Lucas, as the seat of government for all of Los Cabos is in San Jose. Born in El Fuerte, Sinaloa, he has a wife and two children, ages 10 and 14 years. He has lived in Cabo for the last 27 years.

Q. What has been done recently to improve San Lucas?

A. First, let me talk about our roads. The main road through Cabo, along the marina, has been owned and maintained by Fonatur since 1974. In 2014, a new contract was signed with Fonatur, turning the ownership of the road, from the stop light on the road to San Jose all the way to the end by the Navy base on the marina, over to the city. In this contract, Fonatur guarantees to pay for all maintenance, gardening and cleaning of that road. Fonatur is the federal agency that jump started this area by buying up all the land, installing the infrastructure, then selling chunks off to private developers.

The federal government has recently turned over the road that runs from the power station on the way to Todos Santos down to the Pemex station by Chedraui to the city. The feds will no longer patrol or maintain it. The city is now cleaning up that section of the road and installing new stop lights at places where there have been many accidents. That road has one of the highest accidents rates in Cabo. The first new stop light was installed in November of this year.

We are also putting in new street lights on Leona Vicario near the Cabo San Lucas airport, (No, not the airport you flew into, the other one. The airport and that area are getting busier every day with new flights, which will make for a safer trip to the airport. Not that there is a lot of airport traffic, but there is a lot of retail that’s sprung up on that road.)

We are also installing 5,000 new street lights in the neighborhoods of Bahia del Cabo, Cabo Cerro and El Caribe, along with repairing hundreds of malfunctioning lights throughout Cabo.

We have a new team of five city officials and 18 business owners, (including the Gringo Gazette), who make up the Amigos de Cabo San Lucas. This team is in charge of finding and fixing everyday Cabo problems. The team walks the streets of downtown Cabo every day looking for problems, such as trash in the streets, broken water lines, septic leaks, security problems, and poles, signs and obstructions that are no longer needed and must be removed.

(Editors note: This organization holds city officials’ feet to the fire to get things done.)

The city officials spend an entire day every three months walking the streets and photographing problems. They look for things like missing and broken water meter covers, electrical covers, phone access covers, drainage covers and other repairs needed on our walkways. All of these are then put on a list for immediate repairs. (Well, Mexican immediate)

Q. If a citizen or tourist spots a problem, who can they notify?

A. I’m so serious about this project, you can call me on my cellphone 624-137-9677. But better yet, take a photo of that problem, put it on my WhatsApp and we will be sure to resolve the problem.

Q. What has been done to help the police department and safety of our citizens?

A. We have increased the police force by 20% in the last year.

(Editor’s note: this is not true, despite heroic efforts, the number of police has gone way down due to firing corrupt police. But the Navy has stepped in to help, he may be counting those men).

All of our police must now take a written, physical and a psychological exam. They must also have a background check by the federal police department. In the last year and a half we have received 44 new police cars from the government and also we were given 12 million pesos (roughly $634,000 USD) for new uniforms, guns and equipment.

Q. Do you have any major construction projects ongoing in Cabo San Lucas?

A. Yes, we do. We have a new Olympic swimming complex being built near Cangrejos. It will include an Olympic size main pool, diving area and a smaller pool. The complex will hold up to 1,000 people, and will have a paved parking lot. The complex is now under construction and it will be finished by end of November 2018.

(Editor’s note: This has been paid for by developers fees from Chileno Bay Resort and Residences, not the city).

We also have just built a new soccer field with artificial turf, new volleyball courts and new basketball courts behind the delegation building.

Q. What can the citizens for Cabo do to help you in your efforts?

A. I will be grateful if people will keep the front of their homes and businesses clean and make sure all trash goes into a trash can.