Chase And Race Through Cabo

These activities offer different, and fun ways to explore the city

The adventurous vacationer looking for something unusual to do while visiting Cabo doesn't need to look far. As an alternative to beach days and loud clubs, several quasi-competitive pastimes are available within the downtown area, day or night.

2226scavenger.JPGWicked Pizza is a mainstay in Cabo, known for its tasty pies. But Wicked serves up more than just a good slice late into the night; they help to create off-the-chart memories, with the documentation of those memories being the end-game of the Wicked Wild Goose Chase.

The Chase is a photo scavenger hunt. Teams of six members (the recommended size) are sent off with a list of 30 challenges to chronicle, each worth a different amount of points based on how difficult they are to achieve. Team photos of fun, silly tasks - such as the whole team wearing sombreros - are as fun to be a part of as those taken in hard to reach places, say, on a boat, typically found behind a locked gate at the dock. And with some of the crazier challenges, like finding a bald man and giving him a kiss on his head, there’s a lot of opportunities for laughs.

While the Wicked Wild Goose Chase is family friendly for all ages, they do offer a slightly more wicked version for adult groups. Discounts are available for private events with more than 15 people, and the chase can be customized to the occasion, incorporating names or dates into the game.

After two hours of on-the-go entertainment, the event is rounded out with a beer and a slice of Wicked pizza. And each competitor gets photos from the event emailed to them at no extra charge. Check out pricing and further details at

For those brave souls ready to take on a more immersive experience, the A-Maze-In Cabo Race might be for you. Listed as the top Cabo activities by USA Today’s, the event is for people of all ages and is filled with timed challenges.

The game begins at a set location where teams of up to five (with time penalties for larger groups), kick off their adventure with a clue that they must solve in order to find their next destination. Each locale offers up a slice of Cabo, guiding racers to obscure landmarks or out-of-the-way spots that may not be on the typical tourist route (although they’re all located in the downtown area). At each location, there’s an interactive challenge, with team members performing outlandish stunts to get ahead to their next clue. From plunging into a small pool to retrieve a clued rubber duckie, to using the subtle art of body movement to launch balls from inside a Kleenex box attached to your rear end (pssst: It’s not done so subtly), the benchmarks are sure to keep participants laughing as they go. 

The event wraps up after 3 to 4 hours of playtime with two drinks at the final location, a slide-show of players in action throughout the day, and an awards ceremony announcing the winning team. Photos are available for purchase at the end of the contest. For pricing, as well as information about how to save $20, check out their website at

The Amazing Cabo Bar Crawl is presented by the same company that offers the A-Maze-In Cabo Race. It’s a similar concept but with a distinct difference: alcohol. Meant for participants ages 18 and up, teams engage in both puzzle-solving and drinking games to compete and crawl their way through more than 12 local bars and hot spots. The fun is offered either as a day drinking competition or an evening crawl. Private crawls are available for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, or bachelor/bachelorette parties. This contest also offers an online booking discount, which you can find on their website at 

These alternative options for exploring Cabo are filled with fun, laughter, and the occasional embarrassing moment. And fortunately (or not, depending on who you ask), it’s all documented, whether you or a teammate hold the camera in a photo challenge, or one of the event staff gleefully snaps away as you hilariously humiliate yourself.