Cerritos In Growth Spurt

It’s becoming the new Cabo, like it or not

The Cerritos Beach Club, the anchor to the very popular Cerritos beach for more than 10 years, has abruptly closed. Bang! The wooden building is nailed shut, and even the stage Daline Jones and Diego Rivera sang from every Sunday for 10 years has been ripped out of the sand.


The place ran on a generator, which left behind spilled diesel, only adding to the unkempt appearance that included two ratty trailers and lots of rusty sagging fencing, forlorn looking possibly dead palm trees, and a couple of full septic tanks. But that was the charm of it.

In the place of this throwback lifestyle, we will likely get a big fancy resort, although it’s still under consideration to move and restore the building somewhere on one of five large parcels

Tony Cordova and Roger Pollock own the bar/restaurant and the property under it. They have also owned most of the land going all the way up to the highway, after buying it from the ejido owners. Ejidos are kind of like American Indian reservations, and getting all the owners to agree to a sale takes a lot of work and patience, but they did it.

The Cerritos Beach Club is closed, and this is a conceptual drawing of what the owners are thinking of doing with the property

Cerritos can be seen from the highway that goes to Todos Santos, and is about 45 minutes north of Cabo San Lucas. The beach is quite tranquil, with slow rollers the surfers like, but is tame enough for family swimming. When the road was widened to a fourlane super highway we all thought real estate was going to take off, but it didn’t. This might finally be Cerritos’ time.

Cordova and Pollock sold many of the lots in the back rows to individuals and some of them erected small hotels, restaurants, and homes. But most just bought property to hold, making the Cerritos area checkered with development next to empty lots, giving it the charm of a backwater beach village.

Cordova build a multi story condo building at one end, and Pollock built that Taj Mahal of a personal house at the other end of the approximately three mile stretch of beach. Pollock also built thatched roof rental units on the beach, selling them as timeshares. Then he built a very nice pool with a swim up bar to go with the little huts. A little out of place, maybe, but the pool is fun.

Now Cordova is following the real estate code of conduct by building to what’s called “the highest and best use”. No more little shacks on the beach for these guys, Cerritos will be chock-a-block with fancy high dollar resorts.

Cordova tells us they have four beach front lots which will be 90 feet by 255 feet and they will make four parking lots behind them. Beach concessions will be in the front row. Sounds like another Medano beach coming towards us.

Cordova goes on to assure us the beach club is not closing forever, they are trying to make a decision whether to build a large resort, or build a small residential project, or market parcels with each one having its own beach concession. He thinks his target market is hotels and timeshares in the Cabo area that are not on swimmable beaches.

They are drawing up some conceptual plans now of what the beach would look like with a large resort or if they should scale down to a housing subdivision. They have nailed their for sale signs up, Cordova says, to see what the market is like.

They are ready to make a killing with a multi story hotel/timeshare project, which we show you here, but shortly they will have the drawings for a housing project, also.

Cordoba’a partner, Roger Pollock, will be out of, um, “confinement” in Oregon and return to Mexico in a few months and he and Cordoba will make final decisions on how best to market Cerritos at that time.

It is amazing how this vast, incredibly valuable chunk of land was bought for peanuts by two men all those years ago, and that they had the vision to hold it against development until now, when most open tracts of land are gone.