Cerritos Beach On The Move

It only needed a motivated developer

Cerritos is a long calm beach with slow rolling waves three quarters of the way between Cabo and Todos Santos. Most people know it by the big orange building out on the point with the pointy top because they can see that from the highway on the way to Todos Santos. It looks like a public building, it’s so big but it is a private home built by Roger Pollack. Right now, he’s doing 18 months in a federal prison for some boo boos he made in Oregon. The caper started out as bankruptcy fraud which he parlayed into witness intimidation

Pollock and Tony Cordoba bought most of that land from the ejido, (kind of like our Indian reservation system). It was all legal but some of the edjido folks have become envious of the jump in property values and are rattling their sabers in court. Nevertheless, while that matter press on, so does development.

The thatch roofed huts down on the beach are no longer Pollack’s, they are now owned by Portus Group, which is also the builder of Ventanas residences, kind of behind Costco and starting at $250,000 and Cabo del Mar, behind the Cabo San Lucas Country Club and starting at $190,000. Portus plans on building a multistory condo structure, with underground parking. Multistory as in that is under discussion with the permitting process and locals who don’t want the character of the beach changed to high rises.

The thatch roofed huts have been improved and a beautiful pool with a swim-up bar has been built right on the beach. A corner of the pool area is being used as a sales room for the full ownership condos, and day passes to use of the pool and restaurant are being sold.

Between the big house and the beautiful pool is the Cerritos Beach Club owned by Tony Cordoba. It was very popular until Cordoba took it private. It’s now mostly deserted, with Daline Jones standing out on the beach with her keyboard guy, Diego, mostly alone and singing to almost nobody. They’ve had this gig about 10 years, but we shall see how long she lasts now. Portus, the people with the beautiful pool and the condos to sell, would do well to hire the popular duo.

Down the beach another half mile or so is Cordoba’s multistory condos, which most people seeing from the highway think was never finished. It looks that way because it’s dark green, looking like concrete gray from a distance. The green is actually quite nice up close and most of the units are finished.

Behind these fancy businesses, in the mile or so between the shoreline and the highway, small lots have been sold to many small businesses. These are mostly small hotels, and some restaurants. Also, a lot of vacant lots that were bought on speculation.

This past holiday, (Easter, have you forgotten already?) the beach between the private beach club and the fancy pointy house was chock-a-block with people who spread out their beach blanket and plunked down with their coolers of beer and food, listening to Daline and Diego playing a few hundred feet away. The price was right and the food was good.

Kudos to Pescadero Recicla (Recycle Pescadero) for organizing local children to laboriously paint up 10 large plastic garbage barrels and then placing them at the three public access roads. Thanks also to generous support of local businesses, there are three porta potties with toilet paper, a wash station, and paper towels.

Cerritos Beach is coming along, and is no longer the wild and wooly west of the Pacific. Maybe now real estate prices will finally start moving up.