Cerritos Beach Club Gone Private?

Yes and no. According to Tomas Cordova, whose family owns the Cerritos Beach Club, it is to be considered a private club by, "local beach bums who merely want free water and the use of the club’s bathrooms.”

It used to be that if you looked touristy enough, you could go into the beach club to take care of your business, and maybe even take an out door rinse from their shower.

That changed last month, when signs went up telling people not to enter the property (walking or driving) unless they were going to the beach club. Fliers handed out at the gate said the same thing, stating that if people weren’t going to the club, they needed to use the public beach access.

Despite the “members only” sign at the beach club’s entrance, Cordova says, "anyone can reserve a table but management requires them to be paying customers." Cordova added that if people show up without reservations, the staff will “try to accommodate them.” That means try to look respectable, not like a leach or, now we’re down to the nitty gritty, like a druggie.

What also was not mentioned was any plans for improvement in the slow, arrogant service.