Cell Tower Drama Continues In Todos Santos

Despite police visits, construction on illegal tower goes on

Despite being denied a building permit and multiple clausurados (meaning it’s been shut down by the government), construction keeps progressing on an illegal cell phone tower in Todos Santos. Police have now visited the site five times since last month.


The Todos Santos delegate, who represents residents’ interests at city hall up in La Paz, joined police on one visit as they posted a new clausurado across an entrance gate to the site, warning workers that any further construction on the tower was punishable with a prison term.

Police have the authority to confiscate materials if trucks enter or leave the property. Charges were also filed against the company responsible for violating the original clausurado, which forbids continued construction on the tower without proper permits.

In reaction to the warnings, the property owner of the site and the contractor, Tower Partners, went to the Jurisdiction department in La Paz to request building permits but were denied. They were reminded the site is closed that continued construction of the tower could result in both of them going to prison. Despite those September 23rd warnings, construction began again the next day during off hours.

Members of the Concerned Citizens of Todos Santos group, who last month delivered a petition against the tower to the municipal president in La Paz, are getting daily emails reminded them to keep an eye on the cell tower site and to raise an alarm when they see construction taking place.

This drama is far from over, so stayed tuned.