Casino Night

Don’t tell the cops

Building Baja’s Future is a scholarship program that supports young people both financially and by encouraging enthusiasm, those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to go to college.

In almost ten years 220 scholars that have been admitted have completed their studies in 18 different universities in various states of the country and have obtained their degrees in 29 different disciplines, graduating with the highest averages of their generations. Due to great support by BBF, their graduation rate is way above average. BBF currently has 116 Fellows. As of today 57 professionals have graduated and are working with enthusiasm, responsibly and satisfaction, 90% in companies and 10% independently.

BBF is committed to helping to educate and train young people who want to be professionals and that are determined to better themselves and to take advantage of the opportunities that BBF provides to allow them to achieve their maximum potential as persons and as leaders of their community. They grant scholarships to those young people who meet pretty stringent standards of the program. They have to be in economic necessity, have high potential, high motivation, social awareness, and a desire to succeed. When accepted into the program, they gain access to additional comprehensive programs to nourish and strengthen their talents. The kids also have to give back by doing community service.

BBF also works on developing their mind, body and spirit in through workshops, classes and seminars which the fellows have to attend such as: English classes, dance and swimming lessons, seminars of values and self-confidence, courses on personal finance, workshops on etiquette and table manners, conferences on emotional intelligence, marketing, sex education, how to write and build a resume, how to prepare and conduct a job interview, sports competitions and a number of other activities such as release of turtles, whale watching, film club, retreats, concerts, celebrations and walks. These kids are all disadvantaged and were never taken anywhere or shown the most basic survival skills most of us take for granted. Part of what Building Baja’s Future does is broaden these young people’s horizons. It’s very fulfilling to see them blossom with knowledge that there is a whole world out there that they didn’t even know existed, says Cecelia Avalos, the dynamo behind these good works,

BBF is an accredited association registered in Mexico and also incorporated in California. Having these international organizations with common purposes, allows them to unite efforts in raising money. And of course they are always needing money.

But here’s the fun part: They’re throwing a party. And not just an ordinary party but a casino night! This year it will be on Saturday, February 27, and it’s a rather formal, affair, which includes food, drink and some casino chips. Where else can you have so much fun and write it off your taxes? It’s at Casa Belisima in the Pedregal. The people behind this program are Cecilia and Jacinto Avalos, so each year they lean on one of their friends in the Pedregal, each one of whom has a large, fancy home. There will be well over a hundred people at this party, as it’s usually sold out. Cost  is $100 U.S. For more information go to Actually, that’s not a very helpful website, it might be easier to email Cecilia at