Carlene Lokey

Broker Homes and Land of Baja

Carlene has been the top selling real estate agent in Buena Vista/Los Barriles area every year for the last ten years.

Carlene didn’t know it at the time, but when she moved to Los Barriles from Vail Colorado in 1998 she was preparing for a real estate career to last a lifetime. She taught the first ever PE class to Mexican school girls. She joined Rotary when it started up in Los Barriles. She joined the women’s book club. She windsurfs and kites. You see her every year in her green dune buggy in the Mardi Gras parade. She met the whole town just being her energetic and positive self.  Now she spends more of her time helping people buy and sell properties.

 She and her husband own

Contact Carlene: Baja cell 624 125-2986 US cell 541-399-0425.