Cantina Mexico Serving Up Smiles


Did you know that Dr. Phil McGraw's  (from the TV show - Dr. Phil), son Jay and wife Erica own a restaurant here in Cabo San Lucas? They live in California but also own a property in Cabo. They visit every 2 or 3 months to our "no bad days" territory. 

Yes, his restaurant is Cantina Mexico and they have been open for a little over one year. Cantina Mexico is located just one block from the Tesoro Resort towards Squid Roe. If you use the code lisa@gringogazette verbally or virtually you will receive a 10% discount on all your food and drinks.

Cantina Mexico is open from 11 a.m. until  2 a.m. and you may order food from their menu from Noon until 1 a.m.

My favorite is the Top Sirloin Taco.  41 pesos, approximately $2.00 USD. The best steak taco I have had in Cabo.  The steak is not overcooked or dry and made with a quality cut.

Other options are Sweet Pork, Pollo Al Grill and the Combination of all (Ten Napkin Taco). Chef Paco is a perfectionist! He was hired from Mexico City where he was a chef for many years. The staff is extremely friendly and attentive to service. The Manager is David, the Bartender is Mariano and Chef Paco is assisted with cook Quiae.

Their menu consists of Entradas, (appetizers), from 50 - 135 pesos, along with a complimentary dish of Chips and Salsa. The chips are freshly baked with a secret house spice recipe. They also offer a Mexican Taco Pizza, Quesadilla, Alitas De Pollo, which is Chicken Wings 8 and 12 pzas (pieces).  The Alitas De Pollo is available in five sauces; BBQ Jack Honey, BBQ Chipotle, BBQ Habanero, Buffalo and Inferno Hanbanero. 

In addition to tacos, they serve Ensalads Cantina Cantina Salad for 110 pesos and Nacos De La Casa/House Nachos with Sirloin, Pollo O Sweet Pork, Chicken or combine all three for the Nochos Tres Carnes. 

They also offer quality hot dogs for 60 pesos, approximately $3.00 USD and to end your dinner choose from Ice Cream or Paleta, Margarita which is a popcycle with alcohol, so not for the kids. 

They have a unique process they use to freeze the margarita mix and separately freeze the Tequila.   And of course they have Menu de Bebidas - Cocktails. 

Daily specials 2 for 1 all day -  Mezcandarin, Jazzcalita, Verdano Premium, Red Mezcal.

Great music, and fun specials! - Lazy Monday, Tacos and Beer Tuesday, Wingsday Wednesday, Juebebes Thursday, Viernes Social Friday and Sabadrink Saturday. 

For more information on specials and this great spot to dine, dance and enjoy, contact David, the Manager on 624-235-1760 or visit fb at cantinamexico, Intragram - thecantinamexico.