Cabo Villas Has Dreams Of Grandeur

They want to build a high rise on Medano Beach

Those of you who are teary-eyed over the departure of the Baja Cantina Beach Club next month  will soon have a new watering hole on the beach. Cabo Villas Beach Resort & Spa has their heart set on a complete remodel and new building venture at their existing site and connected properties.

corazon-del-cabo-01.jpgAs part of their grand overhaul, they are launching a comprehensive rebranding of their time share property into the new Corazón del Cabo timeshare resort, which they hope to open in mid-2017. The new resort will focus on casual five star luxury set in an ultra modern environment. Their new direction is away from the two main trends in Cabo that tend to focus on either all-inclusive packages or high-end luxury, says family spokesman Chris Erickson.

The project will add 204 additional rooms and demolish 37 existing units in Cabo Villas, which will result in a combined final 309 rooms. The Corazón del Cabo proposal includes a large infinity pool deck, four restaurant/bar venues including a lobby club/lounge and a 9th floor sun deck/solarium, and a dipping pool with Sea of Cortez and Pacific ocean views. Dipping pool? What the hell is that? A swimming pool you can’t swim in, is how it was explained to us. You can only dip yourself.  Isn’t that an outdoor bathtub?

corazon-del-cabo-entry.jpgIt will also include a four story parking structure right on the beach. Sigh.

They state proudly that their eight story tower will be the tallest structure in Cabo, and will  dramatically change the landscape on Medano beach. Well, yes, it certainly will.

However, hold the phone, they are not totally insensitive to the neighborhood, as this is going to be a LEED certified building. That means it will be energy and environmentally sustainable.