Is Cabo Too Over Grown With People?

Maybe, but do you want to volunteer to leave?


Some people are whining about Cabo being too full of people and too congested, that driving the fourlane is like driving the San Diego freeway. That judgement is up to the individual’s perception of Mexico, Cabo, and congestion, but most of all, how long you’ve been coming here. If you’re a newbie, this hustle/bustle is all you’ve known and you’re fine with it. If you’ve owned a home here for 20 years, quit your bellyaching, sell your house, take your 1000 percent appreciation, and move further out. Baja is a big peninsula, you only have to drive to Los Barriles an hour and a half north to find a quaint little town that’s as charming as Cabo used to be. Buy a new place with your profits, and start over.

But if the charm is too quiet for you, stay in Cabo and day trip to places like Los Barriles and Cerritos.

There is Medano Beach in Cabo, which even we have to admit is usually a madhouse of 20 somethings sporting hard body partiers and over-priced drinks served in slow motion by over-familiar waiters.

Go to the Cerritos Beach Inn. You can sit ocean side on a swimmable beach, and get good service with creatively presented drinks like this. They even have a swimming pool, although it’s in the back yard, away from the ocean for some reason. The place is quirky but the pool is nice and jungly and free. And the beach in front of this eight-room hotel/ bar/restaurant is deserted.

Have a drink, they are luscious.