Cabo Tennis Open



En route to winning the Mifel 2019 Cabo Tennis Open, sponsored by Cinemex, Argentina's 26-year-old Diego Schwartzman defeated his friend and partner Guido Pella before defeating  21-year-old Taylor Fritz of the United States in the championship title game, 7-6, 6-3, and therefore claim the $131,430 first-place prize money. Fritz's 2nd place finishing purse was $71,065 USD. 

In the doubles championship bout, Romain Arneado and Country of Monaco teammate Hugo Nys, claimed victory with their 7-5, 5-7, 6-4 conquest of American Austin Krajicek and Britain's Dominic Inglot.  

During its 6-day run, the Mifel 2019 Cabo Tennis Open presented a pre-tournament family day, which allowed local and visiting fans to watch an exhibition match and interact with the gallery of tennis stars.

On any given night of the 6 p.m. starting time games of the tournament, tennis fans were treated to the various local restaurants that comprised the San Jose del Cabo Mercado-style concession stand. Complete with a live band and many entertaining tennis-oriented games for children, teens and adults. 

As for the defending 2018 champion from Italy, Fabio Fognini, the powerful 32-year-old ranked ninth in the world was outmatched in the quarterfinals, losing to the U.S.'s 21-year-old Taylor Fritz, 1-6, 6-7. For his career, Fognini has earned $1.9 million from singles match tournament wins and an enormous $13.4 million overall from both singles and doubles play.  

The 6'4" tall, 190 lbs, American Taylor Fritz, has earned $842, 255 USD playing singles and an overall singles/doubles tournament income of $2.7 million during his young and prosperous professional career. Heading into the Cabo Tennis Tournament, Fritz, who hails from Paso Robles, in Southern California, was ranked #28 in the world. 

The 26th ranked in the world, Diego Schwartzman of Argentina, has earned $1.1 million during singles play and $6.3 million overall in prize money. Amazingly, Schwartzman is only a meager 5'7" and weighs a modest 141 lbs. Unlike his taller, more powerful tennis racket wielding counterparts. Before his 2019 Cabo Tennis Open victory, the young Schwartzman won the London England Queens Club Tournament a few weeks earlier on June 20. 

With a shared investment of over $5 million, Solaz and Mextenis, announced a new project to the media, in which they laid the first stone of the new Tournament Headquarters, which will be ready in time for next summer's 2020 Mifel Cabo Tennis Open.

The ground breaking ceremony was held on the Los Cabos site where the new complex will be built, located behind the Hotel Solaz on the Tourist Corridor. It was chaired by José Antonio Fernández, Director of the Tournament and Rafael de la Mora, general director of Olarena, owners of Solaz.

“As we promised since our first edition, 2020 will be the year in which we finish the project that we started 5 years ago,” said Fernández. “After debuting with the right foot in the Tour, in a matter of four years, we have established ourselves as one of the best events of the ATP 250 category. Thanks to our partners Olarena, we already have the best hotel of the Tour and next year we will present a complex that will offer a unique experience to both players and fans."

In addition to hosting the tennis tournament, the complex will also serve to host different entertainment events throughout the year.

"It is an honor to be part of this great project where we will be the official headquarters of ATP Los Cabos and will give us the opportunity to receive other events throughout the year," said Rafael de la Mora.

Seeking to integrate nature with architecture while simultaneously respecting the surroundings and the surrounding flora, the new complex will incorporate free spaces for the public along with a Stadium with a capacity for 5,000 spectators; a Grand Stand with space for 1,500 fans and 4 playgrounds and training.

"We have worked on a project that will surprise many, not only for its design but for the elements and materials that we will use in its construction," said its architect Héctor Barroso. "The complex will have a corridor that will connect the stadium and the alternate courts with the commercial area, which will facilitate access and enhance the experience for the fans."

"Until this year, only Acapulco, Dubai, Umag and Stockholm, had their hotel and tournament facilities in the same place, but starting next year, Los Cabos will be a tournament that will give others much to talk about, and also give everyone in attendance an appreciation of the magnificent headquarters that we are developing,” concluded the Tournament Director.