The Cabo Opera Singer


Nicolas Olsina Chiacchio is originally from Argentina.  He speaks and sings fluently in English and Spanish. He is half Italian and half Spanish and his Italian Opera songs are beautifully sung. 

He is a tenor who studied under Luis Lima for four years while in his native land of Cordaba, Argentina. Luis Lima was the greatest Argentina tenor in the 80s.  Born in 1948, Luis Lima studied in Buenos Aires under Carlos Guichandut and in Sicily under Gina Cigna.


After leaving Argentina, Nicolas relocated to Cancun prior to moving to Cabo San Lucas seven months ago. Nicolas sings every afternoon from 12:30 - 2 p.m. at Solomon's Landing Restaurant located just outside the Gringo Gazette offices on the Marina. 

He also sings at Sunset Monalisa Restaurant on Wednesday and Saturday evenings with two other tenors. He is accompanied by Christen and Raymond. A beautiful performance! Their trio is called "The Tenors."  Sunset Monalisa Restaurant is carved into a cliff overlooking the Bay of Cabo San Lucas with the best view of the famous Arch at Lands End. It was classified as one of the top 5 coolest restaurants in the World by The Express Tribune. Sunset Monalisa is located in the gates of Misiones Condominiums.

Nicolas occasionally sings at local resorts such as Secrets Puerto Los Cabo Golf & Spa Resort and the Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas Resort along with other local resorts. He is available for private events such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, whatever your special day is. He recently surprised Sharon Armstrong, a long-time local of Cabo for over 25 years at her Birthday celebration at Solomon's Landing Restaurant.

He was the delight of the event, which was a wonderful private celebration on the sushi side of Solomon's Landing in Friday, May 17.

If you enjoy fabulous talent, Nicolas Olsina Chiacchio's voice is superior and he does Frank Sinatra, anything you want in English or Spanish. He is on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook under Nicolas Olsina.