Cabo Gets An Old Fashioned Barber Shop

But with new fashioned chicks, in one person’s opinion

We have a new barber shop, and like any real barber shop is strictly for men. It’s a throwback to the old days when a man could get a hot towel prepped shave with a straight razor.  It’s the bright idea of  Julie Bergman, originally from Venezuela, but living in Cabo 15 years now. Her husband owns the successful restaurant delivery company called Postovon.

The new twist on this old concept is that at Bergman’s barber shop the barbers are girls!


The work horse of the group is Cheryl Murray, who earned her cosmetology license in Maine 22 years ago. In addition to cutting men’s hair, shaving them, and giving them manicures, she has been working on women’s needs in the intervening years.

Cheryl tells us she learned how to use a straight razor on men without maiming them by practicing on balloons. Everyone in the class would blow up their balloon, spread shaving cream on it, and start drawing the razor across it. If they nicked the balloon, it would pop and the shaving cream would spray all over them, just as a reminder that they might want to be a little more careful.

So now, as she makes the transition from a career in women’s hair care to working on men, she feels she can hit the ground running.

She gives us a quick lesson in the basics of hot towel straight razor shaves; she tells us that the less than $12 USD, shave is so close that most men can go two or three days without having to shave again. A haircut costs about $16 USD, but there are combo deals that bring even that modest price down. Some shaves cost more, depending on what the girls are going to leave on the face. As in is there a mustache or a beard, is this a careful trim or a full on get the hair off the face deal?

This is definitely a man’s barber shop. The décor is manly, with sports on TV. There were no smutty magazines, however, which we found surprising, but maybe for when the press was there, they had the place kinda spruced up.

The theme here is pampering. There is even a shoe shine gadget, which sprays out polish while the wheel turns. Nope, there is no shoeshine boy snapping a towel, but the job this machine does is impressive.

To carry the pampering theme further, there is a cell phone window in the bib the men wear to protect their clothing. And the shop sells and uses an upscale line of products out of Holland called Reuzel, which does smell sexy. They even carry the old pomade, which will make your hair look like the barber shop ladies’ patent leather shoes, if that’s the look you’re after. There are also complimentary adult beverages available. And, drum roll here, the girls will pack up their razors and clippers and go to you. They will go out to your home, your business, or to your hotel room.

Bergman’s Barber Shop is in Plaza Pioneeros, or as we like to call it, Pioneer Square. That’s the collection of shops centered around the parking lot on the left as you’re coming into downtown Cabo. It’s where the Domino’s Pizza is, and the old Amerimed hospital, among dozens of other businesses. Look for the new high rise Medano Beach Hotel, because the barber shop backs up against it. Park there and bring in your ticket, as they validate.

The phone number is 624-688-9671, but this isn’t some fru-fru salon, you don’t need an appointment, just barge in any day but Sunday, 10 am to 8 pm.