Boom Boom, Out Go The Lights

Blackouts will stop soon

CFE generador.jpg

They began on Monday, August 12. Several blackouts took place throughout the evening and night for 3 consecutive days. They lasted an average of 30 to 45 minutes each. The federal electricity company (CFE) received hundreds of calls from every town in Southern Baja.

The explanation came the next day. The CFE’s capacity to produce energy is at a record time low. Growth and development in La Paz and Los Cabos became overwhelming and the excessive but needed use of air conditioners in the summer caused overheating of the equipment.

State governor Carlos Mendoza stated that “This is not going to get better; I worry that we are reaching the limits. The solution could be underwater cables, but that’s not an immediate solution. Another solution to the blackouts could be to expand our production of electricity, which isn’t a good solution because we’d be producing very expensive electricity and burning fuels with high levels of contamination.”

Mendoza said that although an underwater cable would take time to construct, it “would pay for itself.”

A few days later, the CFE’s workers union leader added more information: preventative maintenance, which is usually performed between January and March, was not done this year, and the equipment is failing.

Governor Mendoza then flew to Mexico City to meet with Manuel Bartlett, head of the CFE. It was then agreed that one generator will be used to minimize the problem, and that 2 additional plants will be built by the year 2022. Buy candles.