Book Report

The Search for Zarahemla, by Terry Neal. Self-published. 493 pages. unpriced. 2017.

This type of fiction has every necessary element to be a favorite kind of read. It’s about Mexico and It's a mystery, with danger lurking everywhere, with the action beginning on the first pages. The hero is a pilot (Grant), who becomes a (sometimes reluctant) brave hero. He has a beautiful gal for romantic interest, there's a good dose of ancient Mexican history, some descriptions of archeology digs, and of course, a priceless artifact that may fall into the wrong hands. What more can a reader want?

Add locales that are already familiar to me, a romance that's heating up, and the wonderful history and mysteries of ancient pre-Mayan cultures, and you know why I like this story. When I read the back cover, I was hooked, and that was before I even opened the book.

The author tells us this is a work of fiction, but he also states that most of the vignettes found in the second half of the book are true. These vignettes are found in the section entitled Archaeological Footnotes Paper: The Pre-Christian World.

Maps are included in the front and back of the book, and the inevitable bad guys bringing life threatening danger, give readers a real sense of being present with the characters, and even becoming participants in this adventure.

The words of wisdom, on page 389, (beginning when Grant and Alex pull happiness from calamity and hard choices), was a gem. "(happiness)... is a feeling, not a situation. The minute we look for happiness anywhere other than our own thoughts, we 're lost...Happiness is an emotional response to the way we are thinking..." Pretty simple but wise philosophy (you must read the whole page to really get it all).

An adventure filled plot, interesting characters, and always present dangerous situations, (one crises immediately leading to another), made me think that if this were made into a mystery movie, (similar to Raiders of the Lost Ark), Harrison Ford would be the best choice for the main part (well, maybe if he were a little younger)! I'm not quite sure which female star could best play Alex, his romantic interest, but her character is an interesting and exotic mix.

The action in this book is ongoing, with each danger flowing into the next, the mystery deepening, and the book is full of crises and problems to the very end. I think you will enjoy this book. It is available from the author, or at my book store, El Caballo Blanco, in Loreto. It’s a good read!

The author, Terry Neal, is a local Cabo man, originally from Portland Oregon. He’s a middle aged widow with about a dozen kids, lives here now, and runs a catamaran business, Island Cat. The boat takes tourists on short trips up the Sea of Cortez, and in whale shark season, (underway now), to see the whale sharks in La Paz Bay.

He has a few books, OK, a whole bunch, in his office in Plaza La Danza, a few doors down from the Dairy Queen. But he can more often be found at his nearby office, Tiki bar on the water front. He is there every day for lunch.  It’s fun to read a book by someone you know, and about a country you know. So get one.

You can call Terry at 624 128 5666. Buy him a drink and swing a deal on a surprisingly good book. Surprising because you never guess what talents your drinking buddies have hidden from you.