Biggest Narco In Mexico Goes Down The Drain

Dissapearing down a hole in his shower floor

Ballads glorifying Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman’s daring jailbreak were composed shortly after his escape. Now T-shirts and hats featuring the Mexican drug kingpin’s face are flying off the shelves. The fashion line features a wanted poster with the $3 million bounty, an image of Guzman escaping prison with a bag of cash, and his face with the words “Boss” in the same red and blue design as US President Barack Obama’s famous campaign poster. Support for Guzman is strong in his native northwestern state of Sinaloa, where many see him as a sort of Robin Hood. Songs extolling the exploits of these violent men, called narco-corridos, are sung to a polka-like beat. And the handiwork of drug cartels have inspired low budget films sold as DVDs in local markets and on the streets.

CHAPO.jpgThe drug kingpin was on the lam for 13 years after his last prison escape, amassing more money, a billion dollars according to Forbes magazine. This time it took his pals less than two years to burrow a tunnel from a house they built for cover nearly a mile from the prison. They thoughtfully provided a motorcycle to speed his journey through the tunnel, which was almost six feet high, lighted, and ventilated with PVC pipes.

The newspapers went nuts, blaming the Pena Nieto administration for not extraditing El Chapo to the U.S. when officials there requested him, and for not bringing corruption under control. Nearly four dozen prison officials and guards were initially arrested, and about a dozen have now lost their jobs. The rest have been freed.

Everyone has lost more respect for their government, if that’s even possible, but at the same time, many people, even those disgusted with the government, are giving El Chapo a grudging admiration that’s turned him into a folk hero.

T-shirts with the image of the powerful Sinaloa drug cartel chief are available for sale in the streets and on the Internet, with U.S. websites also cashing in. For those who want a drug lord on their heads, the Los Angeles based website Kartel Kollection sells a hat with the face of the guy who is wanted in the United States for the murder of a U.S. undercover agent in 1985. ,