Big Changes For Liga Mac 21 Year Old Charity Changes Focus


Liga MAC was founded 21 years ago, at a time when the people of San Jose lacked the social services that are now provided by the government and other agencies. Back then, the Liga MAC Volunteers played a role that no one else would step up for, helping hundreds of families to cover their basic needs, not only with food, but also with medical aid, social services, and later on, with support to educate the children.

Liga MAC-New Logo.jpgThanks to its reputable name as a trustworthy organization, Liga MAC has grown to the point where it has granted more than 5,000 scholarships between 2004 and 2017 and has offered support to thousands of families. All that work and dedication has positioned Liga MAC at the highest levels of respect, recognition and compassion within the San Jose del Cabo communities we serve.

All of what Liga MAC does would not have been possible without your support. We want to thank the readers of the Gringo Gazette  for your trust and loyalty over the years. Your donations, sponsorship and volunteer work have made it happen.

San Jose has changed a lot in 21 years because of the economic activity generated by the tourist industry. the population increased, the social services provided by the various government agencies also grew.

Liga MAC has been paying attention to these changes. We realized that it was time for us to change as well. Our scope of services was too broad. We operated three different programs: basic needs, medical aid and student scholarships. This was so broad, our goals began reducing our impact on the community as we were spread too thin and duplicating services the government was already providing.

The current Liga MAC Board of Directors wanted to continue to support the vision of past Boards in the strong belief that the hope and future for the community was in educating the next generation, the children of the needy and underprivileged families. For these reasons, the Liga MAC BOD decided to focus all its efforts on the education of the young deserving students that were at risk of not finishing middle or high school because of financial or other constraints.

We will narrow our efforts to offer consistent financial, social and health related support to the students selected for our scholarship programs and their immediate families, as they transition through middle and high school and on to college or a trade to become educated, contributing and responsible members in their communities.

We have a new slogan: Changing lives through education.

We are now focused on measurable quality instead of quantity. By using our experienced methodology, we can more carefully and purposefully select our grantees, making sure that they commit to not only maintaining minimum grades, but also by a focused regimen of study. We supervise them closely, monitoring their progress, while also providing them with seminars, tutoring, counseling and a host of workshops that complement their education and prepare them for life’s challenges. And, as needed, Liga MAC provides our students with additional support to continuously increase the percentage of our scholarship students that finish high school and move on to university studies or to learn a trade. We will continue to improve our success rate by analyzing and measuring results, improving the quality of our programs, partnering with the schools, universities, the medical community and other educators who offer their services.

continuous improvement, we will be validating the commitment our students have placed in us, as well as the communities we serve, as well as you, our donors and supporters who have placed your trust in Liga MAC for more than 21 years.

We hope you keep trusting in Liga MAC as responsible stewards of your donations and support, so we can continue to develop and improve how our joint efforts impact our community. We know that our students are good people, capable of transforming themselves into productive professionals and happy individuals who will make a difference not only in their own lives, and their families, but in our entire community.

Thank you for your support, and we’re counting on your continuing collaboration in the future!