Because Every Dog Needs A Poncho

Baja company keeps canines well dressed

What’s better than a dog wearing a poncho? Not much, if you ask us. And the owners of Baja Ponchos certainly agree. The online company, which started sells ponchos for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Baja Ponchos is the work of David and Nicole, a young couple who have been living in Baja since 2014. The couple, along with their dog, Zorro, was driving from Baja to California (where they’re both originally from) when the inspiration for Baja Ponchos struck David. 

dog-poncho.JPGAll of the ponchos are cut from hand-woven serapes made in Tlaxcala, which is outside of Mexico City. David and Nicole say they appreciate the quality of Mexican craftsmanship and wanted the ponchos to reflect that. The vibrant colors, durability and the versatility were also very appealing to them.

The ponchos, which sell for $21.95 USD, are available in two base colors, pink and blue, although the accent colors that are woven in make every poncho pretty much rainbow colored. Sizes run from XXS (think, chihuahua) to XXL (that’d be your great danes and the like). The ponchos are adjustable, with a velco straps that go around the dog’s neck and chest. And to complete the look, a dog sombrero is available for $12.99.

And if you’re one of those pet owners who likes to dress like their dogs (hey, no judgement here) Baja Ponchos also sells bags, totes and mini backpacks for humans, made out of the same serape material. Those all sell for $24.99.

But these ponchos don’t just look good on doggies, they DO good for doggies, too. A portion of every poncho sold is donated to Baja California Spay Neuter Foundation in Rosarito, where David and Nicole live. (And yes, we know Rosarito is in Baja California North, but we decided to expand our coverage zone just this once, OK?)

The BCSN is a non-profit whose goal is to promote ongoing population control of dogs and cats throughout Baja. They do this by hosting sterilization clinics, sharing knowledge and experiences of efficient spay/neuter techniques, and educating the local families and children of Baja. David and Nicole say that, having lived in Baja for several years now, they’ve noticed fewer stray animals on the streets, which they attribute to the work of BCSN and other local animal organizations.

If it sounds like a Baja Poncho is something your dog needs in its life (and we’re pretty sure it is) visit their website at You can also purchase them on Amazon or Etsy. The ponchos are shipped from the States; better to buy one while you’re there and then pack it when you and Fido come down on your next visit. If you want to have a poncho shipped to Cabo, they can do, it will just cost you extra.

We also highly recommend you follow them on Instagram, @bajaponchos, because where else are you going to get your fix of photos of cute dogs wearing ponchos?